The Devil Wears Prada

Hey guys,
Missed me? Well I missed being here, that's the reason for this impromptu post. The other night, with the exam season getting to me and a little time to kill, I didn not feel like doing anything. I did not want to update myself on new blog posts, I did not want to check in on Facebook and I did not want to watch Tv. So I dug around my laptop and found a movie that I wanted to watch. But not just any movie, my all time favorite feel-good movie: The Devil Wears Prada.

You didn't know that about me, did you? Well, it is. So I served myself a bowl of delicious caramel custard, I turned up the volume and for the next two hours, I got lost at Runway magazine in New York.
To those who haven't seen it - The movie is based on the premise of 'ugly-girl-transforms-into-beautiful-swan' but apart from that little bit, there is romance, perseverance, hard-work and disappointment. The part that appeals to me the most is, the basing of the entire story in the fashion industry. The glamour, the style and the panache by which they've depicted this movie is exceptional.

Acting talent, as it usually is in Hollywood is of highest standards, specially where Merille Streep is involved. Modern Family's Cameron Pritchett described her talents in the best way possible, " Excuse me, Meryl Streep can play Batman and be the right choice. She's perfection, whether she's divorcing Kramer or whether she's wearing Prada. "
Emily Blunt is such a beautiful woman. 

Two hours later, my bowl was empty, the movie was over and I was feeling good again. Pretty things know just how to make me happy.
In other news, I'm halfway through with my papers and I should be back with a bang next week! Got an outfit being mentally assembled but now, I dont want to give too much away :)
See you soon guys,

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