November 22, 2011

Grey = Good

Hi dolls,
How did your week start off ? Well, I wish I could say I'm having the greatest time ever but with college reopened, I'm finding myself sleep-deprived and lack-luster. I really, really need to start sleeping earlier and I will probably do an Inspiration post to get my head back on my shoulders.
 I've mentioned earlier that at one point, I was not very experimental when it came to fashion. A certain style of shoes would just not suit me, that hairband would just not work on me and that colour is something I cannot pull off. Grey was one such colour and in the few months of blogging, I've definitely been won over by this demure shade as you can see here and here. 
One very early morning, when I wanted to try something other than the bland jeans and a t-shirt, I put this together. Yes, I maybe OD-ing of grey, but the truth is, its sort of become one of my favorite colours.

Heres a closer look at my lacy leggings :)

 Grey Smurf t-shirt - Local boutique, Grey lace leggings - London, Gladiators - Thrifted

This was the first time I wore those because I had always been skeptical about how I should wear them. Well, now I know. And the smurfs ? Well, cartoon and comic characters and never really go out of style. Now If I could get my hands on a cool Flash t-shirt. Also, I've started a new thing on Facebook. Its an album called 'What I'm in' which is basically a few rough pictures of what I'm wearing that day because its not always possible to blog about every outfit. You haven't seen it yet? Well then join in on the Sunkissed page and check it out!
To all the new followers here and on Facebook - Hi :) It feels great to have you guys read my blog. Keep reading and don't worry, I'll keep writing!
Talk soon guys!




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