Hi guys,
It has been a tiring week - the early morning college lectures have started plus I had to attend a couple of occasions. Between all of this, I'm kinda trying to find my centre of balance right now because, everyday by the time I'm back home - I'm so exhausted, I can probably fall into a slumber then and there!
It'll take a few weeks but I'll probably get used to the 'rising-before-the-sun' deal. I hope.
I have these high-waist pants which I've planned to wear twice before. The first time the pants weren't altered and the second time, I lost the will to go out itself. I was starting to think that my pants were cursed until last weekend where I went for a family dinner.
Check it.

Tank - Adidas originals, High-waist pants - Gifted, Belt - Moms, Purse - Madame,  Wedges - Ginger
Dont you just love a bright pop of colour ? I do, specially when hot pink is somehow involved. I also wore a fushcia lipstick to match my belt and livestrong band. Tee hee. Be right back
Did you notice the adorable polka dot purse above? I fell in love instantly when I saw it Red heart
The weather has started getting a little chillier *jumps for joy* and I actually got a chance to wear a cardigan this morning. Cmon now Weather Gods, make it snow!

Hope you had a good week :)


Sayantani Saha said…
Wow! Love the high waisted pants on you and the pop of yellow!
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much :D
Yeah, the yellow pop really brightened up the entire outfit!
Stilettos Diary said…
love the color mix!!
Found you :) thanks for looking at my blog n new segment inspirations :)
loads of love
Dayle Pereira said…
Thanks for dropping by Megha - Hope to see you here more often :D
Keep up the great blog, you pretty girl :)

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