Big days come only once

Its been an extremely hectic week ! And it included preparing for an exhaustively good college fest (day 1 down & 2 left to go!) lunches and random jokes, and of course, my Birthday ! Thank you so much for all the wishes guys - They really made my day special :)
As you know, my lectures start mind-numbingly early. Based on that, I dressed in a way that would last me through the day. (The day btw was fantabulous, thanks for asking) I wanted to go a little more dressy on the top but I realized that at about 10pm on the previous night and of course, it was too late. Still I'm happy with what I ended up in. Heres a look:


Dont mind the face - I was chatting away with my friend :P

And if I'm not talking, I'm laughing.
Pink tee - Pantaloons, Printed bag - Robin&Ruth London, White Skinnies - Topshop London, Black Belt (hardly even visible) - Vintage Lacoste, Wedges - Ginger.

I have a soft spot for the light-on-light combination. The dream has been to do a white-on-white combination (without looking like Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty :P ) Someday maybe. Btw, did you see my awesomely improved clearer pictures ? Still getting the hang of the new cam though.

Ahh December, I've missed you. The month of decorations, rum cake and Christmas is here. And what way to make it even better than to enter a giveaway - Because everyone loves freebies :D
The Spa Store is an upcoming beauty, cosmetics & spa product e-commerce site that will be launching soon. To celebrate the launch, they're inviting you to be a part of it by taking part in not just one but two giveaways (one being a spa hamper and the other being a NYX palette)

Check this awesome spa giveaway which is just packed with goodies!

 I'm a NYX fan myself and this is one opportunity I can't pass up! Go ahead - give it a look :)

This next week isn't going to get any freer. But I always do manage to post whether I'm cheering for my team at a fest or chilling at home with an episode of Dexter. So you don't really need to worry, I'm kinda always right here only. Any Q's you want to ask or even if you just want to drop in and say 'hi', I'll be at Sunkissed. And don't worry, I'm friendly :)
We'll talk soon - Hope you like my clothes as much as i loved the day itself!


Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you Mallika :)

@4 leaved clover - I take up after my mom ;)

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