February 13, 2012

Jaipur diaries #1 - Tangerine

Hello dolls,
It has been one helluva day ! Everything went completely off plan in the morning itself - from appointments to vivas to project work. Honestly, it can get a little exasperating. After gathering whatever patience I had left, I was on Twitter & realized that it was the day of the Grammys. *Ahhh. Awards, music and pretty clothes  - the perfect pick-me-up!* From then on, the day has been getting brighter and brighter ! I stopped procrastinating & got some work done, had a nice peaceful day and am now fully charged for tomorrow !
Apart from having some beautiful tourist destinations, Jaipur in the month of January is freezing. The weather came as a little bit of a shock when I just arrived but I decided to make the best of the crisp, chilly weather.
Take a look at this outfit:

Grey cardigan & Orange t-shirt - Zara, Grey scarf - Mango, Blue embroidered bag - Gifted, Grey shorts - Espirit, Black stockings - Marks & Spencer, Black ballet flats - Boutique in Bandra

This outfit is what I call, making the most of the weather. I love the orange pop in the midst of the gloomy grey. I had been dying to pair stockings with shorts and the cold Jaipur weather allowed me to do that. So enough of this jibber-jabber, what is going on with you dolls tomorrow ? So it going to be something completely mushy, or just a normal Tuesday for you ?
If there is one thing I believe in ever so strongly; it is that valentines is not just a day for the love of your life, it is a day for anyone and everyone you love - be it your boss, your grandma or your favorite blogger *ahem* *cough*
So express yourself & show the people you love, that your love them.

Have you joined in my first giveaway yet ? 

Have a good week my lovelies & Happy Valentines Day to everyone of you !




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