February 6, 2012

Pretty young thing.

So dolls, it's been a tough weekend. After barely even reaching back in Bombay *Yes, I say Bombay* there was a tonne of projects and assignments that exploded in my face. From writing ad campaigns to re-shooting TV shows, this batch of projects seems to be the toughest yet. Time to get into action.
Other than my traumatic college stories, the weather is pleasant and the climate is slowly transitioning to spring. The layers are coming off & the clothes are getting shorter. In other news, valentines is coming soon. And since I'm at my cheesiest best this year, I have such an amazing outfit that is so brilliant for that day *At least I think it is!* I better stop talking about it so much, I might just end up giving it away. But fret not, it shall be up on my blog for all eyes to see.

Now enough talk, more pictures.

Grey cardigan - Zara, Pink lace-trimmed camisole - Oasis London, Black skinny jeans - Topshop London, Pink satin bow headband - Accessorize, Ballet flats - Boutique in Bandra.

 Even though I was a little apprehensive when I picked this cardigan; the colours blend so well together, I don't think it is worth complaining about. Pink and grey is such a pretty, easy-breezy combination, one you really can't go wrong with. And that headband is so adorable - It brings the entire outfit together!

Have a great week lovelies and take care!




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