Style-File: New York Fashion Week.

So in this post I told you about my desire to mix things up on this blog, to go beyond just outfit pictures. Well dolls, that change is now going to be implemented. I was thinking about it and apart from my weekly outfit picture post, I have decided that I am going to write another weekly post. This time, the posts will revolve around current trends, reviews and celebrity sightings.
So what is in today's post, you ask ? Well ask no more - Take a look for yourself, at a style-file of the New York Fashion Week which concluded recently.
While everyone is posting about the collections at NYFW, I've taken a different route and posted about the outfits worn by celebrities who attended fashion week.

I can barely believe Jessica Alba is a mummy - I mean, doesn't she look so fit & healthy ? I love the pattern of the dress, the bright turquoise shade and the printed clutch. All in the same tones, good burst of colour and not too matchy - matchy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have always maintained their stylish image, whether they're walking their dogs or at NYFW. The matching all black looks are lovely but it is a little boring. 

Gloria Estefan is a singer who made her mark in the 90's, the years of my childhood. I can't believe that she is 54 years old! She looks so amazing - so fit and so stylish ( Red + Leopard = Always chic )

Onscreen as the devious Blair Waldorf and off-screen as her beautiful self, Leighton Meister look refreshing and set for spring in this green chiffon dress teamed with mustard heels.

Now the usually immaculately dressed Blake Lively looks a little sullen. Black and white is a classic combination, I agree. But the dress could have been shorter, she should have changed her heels and she could have smiled a little more.

A fashion post wouldn't be complete without my favorite, Alexa Chung. That effortless style is working like a charm, Alexa - Keep it gorgeous !

Nina Dobrev's cobalt blue number is a sigh of relief from the sea of mundane black dresses that were everywhere. Wear bright dresses in spring. Check.

Olivia Palermo, you could have schooled Blake a little on black and white. From the feathered blazer, to the metallic capped pumps, to the dark nails; Olivia you look amazing !

I like the mint shade that Dakota Fanning has got on, but her trousers look like a pair of pajamas you would wear on a day at home.

Possibly the best looking , Debra Messing has got it all in the bag with the hot pink dress, black peep toes and gold accents. Way to go !

Rachel Zoe, I do love the plaid suit and sunnies but then again, the colour is a little too gloomy for my taste.

Last but definitely not the least; Emma Stone went all red and complimented it with a metallic taupe clutch. She really manages to look perfect every time. Every single time.

So dolls, how did you like the outfits at NYFW - Any favorites ? Mine was Debra Messing. Once the colour pink is involved, you have my full attention. So my exam dates have been fixed for March and there are about 4 kgs of xeroxed notes taking the place of my laptop. But worry not, there is still time to go so I shall be posting as usual.
This is the first time I'm doing a post like this, so I would love to hear your feedback about it. Do you like the changes that are going on around here ? 

Have a good week dolls !


Mukta Jain said…
Wonderful :D nice to have change
I loved Nina Dobrev's cobal blue. Beautiful colour.
Dayle Pereira said…
Such a beautiful colour !
Thank you Mukta :)
Ayantika said…
Emma stone is looking sooo cute ...want that look :P...btw very nice post lovely :)!!
Collections said…
Blake Lively, Alexa Chung, Jessica alba... I'll take it. Love they way they dress and blake looks particularly stunning.

his little lady said…
oh gosh, i just adore all of these woman! mainly for their style! great finds!
xo TJ
Really good idea posting on F-Row - sometimes they have the best outfits sometimes!!! xx

South Molton St Style
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you doll - Emma looks immaculate at every red carpet appearance !
Dayle Pereira said…
Jessica Alba is such a stunner !
Alexandra said…
I absolutely love MK&A's signature cool, they've committed to it and it suits them wonderfully. I loved Leighton and Emma's looks too, so beautiful!

Alexandra xo

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