May 17, 2012

Things I'm afraid to tell you

When I first saw this project being mentioned, it was at So Much To Smile About, an amazing, vibrant blog. And the reason I kept reading on about it was because, it gave such a realistic perspective to the apparent idyllic life of a style blogger. It felt nice to relate to the bloggers that have posted as part of this project and not only peek into their lives but identify with them.
So after a fair share of reading these posts and being a little nervous about doing this, here goes nothing.

* I am not always this put together : I'm not always smiling and optimistic - I try to be but I have my grumpy days too. Often enough, I step outside without even a stitch of make-up - not even a swipe of lip gloss. I do have insecurities about my looks but during the past year, I've learned that rather than hiding those flaws under coats of foundation, it is better to embrace them and learn to love them. If you ever meet me while I'm street shopping, at a mall or getting an ice-cream, I may probably be in a tshirt and jeans and that is because comfort scores first on my list.

* I am not a shopaholic : I have often seen many a fashion blogger describe themselves as 'shopaholics' and there is a common misconception that fashion bloggers are so. I, on the other hand, do not consider myself as a shopaholic. I enjoy shopping and the word 'sale' makes me do one helluva happy dance but truth be told, I do not drown myself in shopping at every opportunity I get. And every once in a while, I do go along with the impulse purchases * Read: Fancy, pretty shiny things ! * I just find it better to spend wisely rather than be broke and worried at the end of the month.

* Numbers are not a priority: I believe in writing interesting content and providing good pictures to the audience that reads my posts. If they enjoy what I am providing, I would be more than delighted for them to follow my blog. If they dont, its ok - Everyone's interest is not the same. At the end of the day, all that matters to me is that I write a good post and that my readers enjoy it.

* I am a flats person : On a day-to-day basis, I am on the move constantly - from college, to a lunch to a shopping trip and I just find it so much better to sprint around in a pair of ballet flats rather than balance unsteadily in heels, especially if like me, you also use public transport. I love the heels that I own more than the world, but there are safely tucked away for an event or occasion that I deem suitable. Proof: The number of flats in my closet outnumber the number of heels.

So those are my deep dark secrets and honestly, it feels fantastic to share a post like this. To everyone reading this; if you like the concept of the 'Things I'm afraid to tell you' project, go ahead and get down to posting !

What do you think about the post ? I would love to hear your feedback !
Have a great weekend ahead my lovelies !





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