Review: Nike Body Splash

Hey guys,
Life has been rather hectic of late so when the weekend finally arrives, a wave of relief washes over me. Finally, a little break to catch up with a movie or two, Sims 3, an assignment *work doesn't do itself !* and a bit of shopping with the shower of sales we've been having!
So lets get down to business i.e. our review for the month!

Nike Body Splash For Women
When it comes to a deodorant, a perfume or a body mist that I have to purchase, I look for something that has a fragrance that appeals to me and very importantly, one where the fragrance lasts for a long time.

It comes in a medium-size 100ml transparent plastic spray bottle with a transparent cap. The body splash, which is a sky blue coloured liquid can be seen clearly.


• Pros:
- The spray is small and portable which allows you to even carry it in your bag.
-  The packaging is such that you can clearly see how much you have used and what is left.
- Affordable price
- The strength of the body splash is so great- it lasted on me for about 6 hours (and the day included  walking and travelling by public transport)
- The fragrance is refreshing.

- It is an imported product and based on whatever research I did, it isn't generally available in the Indian market so availability is tough.

Rating: 8.5/10

My advice: If you manage to get your hands on this product, grab it with your arms wide open!

I do hope you like the review - do you wear deodorant's/body mist's/perfume's the most ? 

Have a lovely weekend dolls!



Zatheela said…
yay i will keep an eye on this one :)

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Anonymous said…
Amazing review! :)
Really helpful.
Following you! :*
Do check out my first outfit post! :)
Sonshu said…
I absolutely love Body Mists :D They're somehow so appealing and comfortable.

Definitely will try this!

Style-Delights said…
I love body mists in summer just after shower! I Have couple of light floral ones and ocean breeze fragrances for summer! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Style-Delights Blog
SJ said…
ahh body mists are perfect for summer, fresh.

I've actually tried this one, someone gifted long time back. Its quite fresh and aquatic. Great review..
ashy said…
hey grt review Dayle, i always used Nike deos when in India (n still manage to snatch some for my use here), didnt know they had body mists too, will def try on my next visit to India.
following u on GFC, follow me back if u like :)
Anonymous said…
I was able to get a few from Goa. Now I have consumed those. Do let me know if I can get my hands on a few Body Splashes in Mumbai/Pune area.
Anonymous said…
hey u mentioned correctly...availability is tough..
Unknown said…
..iv found a source for this ...can make this avaible to ny1 whose
v2wins said…
Hi Nayena, request if you could plz share the store name where these splash are available. Thnx :)
Priyanka Pillai said…
Hi Nayena :) Can you please tell me where I can find Nike Body Splash in Mumbai? Thank you so much :)
Is it available anywhere in Mumbai anymore? I need to gift a friend.
Dayle Pereira said…
Yes m using it since a couple of months now and believe me it last much much longer than regular deos n body sprays........both in quantity.and fragrances. Is available for both men n women.
Dayle Pereira said…
Hi i jus bought it 2day 4m a general medical store 4m goreagon east near gokuldham area..... i am sure it will b availabe every wer by nw .... hope u find it gud luck.... btw it cost me Rs. 195 n nt 175....

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