September 12, 2012

All kinds of time

Here I am; awake early, sipping my cup of coffee and writing a post on this sunny morning. While my usual routine consists of inhaling my breakfast, dressing up quickly *read: drawing in eyeliner between bites.* and leaving soon; today I decided to get my priorities straight and write this post while I'm fresh and hearty.
I think it all comes down to what you decided to prioritize. Whether its your career, your relationship or your social life, you've got to think straight and decides what's most important. Regarding priorities, I don't understand the excuse 'I didn't have the time'. Time was always there but whether the task was important or not to you, now that is the question.
And while pondering over that, lets take a look.

Grey and Burgundy Knit top - Lee Cooper + Self modified, Grey leggings - Adidas, Black ballet flats - Local store (Bandra), Black patent leather tote - Mom's, White sparkly hairband - Thrifted (Bandra), On my Lips - ColorBar 'Amber'  

While the monsoons bring along water supply for the year and flood holidays *woot!* they also make it so tough to dress up. On a particularly cold day, I decided to step out in fall tones *burgundy being my favorite!*, be comfy while going out and stay muck-free.

How do you dress during the monsoons?





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