Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

When it comes to skin products, with an oily skin tone and sensitive skin, I have to pay the most attention to what I put on my face. That is also one of the reasons why I use foundations and concealers just occasionally. So when it comes to daily cleansing, I like a product that cleanses out my skin, keeps my oil free for at least a while and doesn't dry my skin. That is when this facial cleanser kicks in.
*The review below is not carried out in association with any brand/company. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are completely my own. 

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser
I've been using this product for a couple of months now for daily cleansing, i want something that is gentle on my skin and keeps it healthy. Taking this into regard, I've got just one word for this product - Amazing. 


It comes in a 200ml transparent bottle with a push dispenser to easily access the translucent orange cleanser which you can see inside the bottle. 


Rs.350 (There is also a smaller size available which is for about Rs.100)


* Pros:

- The bottle is tightly fitted which ensures it won't spill if you want to carry it with you.
- The packaging is such that you can clearly see how much you have used, how much is left and when to purchase your next bottle- Keeps my skin taut and oil free up until about 4 - 5 hours after washing my face.- I haven't experienced any sort of reaction/break-out after using it on my sensitive skin.

* Cons:

- If you do plan on carrying it on a trip, you might find it a little large to carry around (But then again, you can purchase the smaller size for your travels)



My advice: 

Neutrogena's Deep Clean Facial Cleanser has become part of daily routine and I'm definitely going to purchase it again and I would definitely I'd advise you to do the same !

PS: If you're under the care of a dermatologist, do check with him/her before you use this cleanser.

Hope your Sunday has been going good lovelies. Can't wait till my next outfit post!


SS said…
Wow sounds nice im using the tube cleanser from this brand, its almost empty so i will buy this :D
gr8 review
Sonshu said…
Oohhh, sounds good. I was thinking of trying a new cleanser. Will go ahead and try this now. :)
Taking your word.

New post is up!
I once I tried out the acne one and that was too harsh!
must try if you are saying soo....
Btw I use Ponds oil control facewash and it does wonders too
ashy said…
Good review n well written points! i hav been using neutrogena products esp their toner, really good price n effective.

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