Trend Report: Kate Spade Spring 2013

With the continuous posts about New York Fashion week that have been coming in during the past week, I couldn't help but marvel at all the creations of the designers for Spring 2013. It seems like we've got a vibrant, wacky spring in the coming year. I usually glance through the various collections without too much interest but this time out of all of them, I narrowed down on Kate Spade. Why, you ask? It is because I found her collection absolutely delectable. With neons and pastels, abstract graphic designs as well as demure classic ones; Kate Spade, you have got my heart.

Wicker cane bag, Abstract print dress and smoking slipper. Woot!

A bow print dress - How adorable is that!

'Play Hooky' 'Eat Cake for breakfast' and 'Skirt the rules' graphic print tess. Would love to own the middle one!

The eclectic mix of stripes and polka.

Subtle plaid and a cardi all in pastels.

If I had a choice, I would grab all those tees and definitely that bow-print dress in a jiffy! Do you have an favorite designers for Spring 2013?

It is the start of the week again guys and ugh, I had the toughest time opening my eyes this morning. Blame it on the tiringly fun weekend. That aside, I've got a month full of exams ahead of me *which I am dreading completely!* If only I could skip forward to November!

PS: An outfit post in a couple of days lovelies!



The collection is so so pretty..seriously ..Kate >You've got my heart too :D

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Chp_dzn said…
We see why you and Bulbul have given your hearts away! :P
This truly is a lovely collection, its soo wearable!
Loved the 4th and 8th picture! :)
Joy Shana said…
Amazing looks, nice blog, follow each other?
a mom's diet said…
oh my! i loved the colors! and the real fact is anyone can wear one of these dresses/tees. its not like those fashion show dresses that look too idiotic when worn in real. nice snaps too... covers the details n sharp hues.
SS said…
in love with the pop color and bold prints. amazing post. :D
xoxo <3
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you lovelies :)

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