Absent no more

It feels so great to be back here, if only for a bit. My first set of exams ended today and I'm taking a little bit of a breather before the next two weeks of the final set of exams. And the best way to take a breathe? Well, of course - pay my blog a little visit!
This outfit was one I was supposed to submit for InFB's Indian Fusion remix. A little to late for that *ahem* but nevertheless, I had to share it! The kurti can be classified for tonnes of ladies as a staple in a city where the heat and humidity is always soaring. Although ethnic dressing is a rare pick for me, this kurti is one I turn to on the hot days which are bursting with activity! Throw in a handful of bangles and chocolate brown sandals and you've got a pretty yet easy-to-maneuver outfit.

Floral kurti - Gifted, Brown leggings - Zara (London), Brown thong sandals - Thrift (Bandra), Gold and brown bangles - Thrift (Colaba, Lonavala), On my lips - Amway 'Earthy Brown'

 So although this absence from the blog hurts, come November, I am going to be back with a bang and absent no more!
Hope you liked the outfit!

See you soon my dolls!



SS said…
Awww you are lookin so pwettyy :D
xoxo <3

Lovely sandals :)
and like the way you westernized your kurti .

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Sayantani Saha said…
Love the relaxed vibe!
a mom's diet said…
such a perfect outfit even for a casual evening or a walk with the dog or best when babysitting!
I think you totally rock those sandals! I chanced upon your blog and I like the format a lot!

Follow each other?
Sonshu said…
You totally look amazing in Indian wear Dayle. Love the kurti and the sandals. :) Also your smile is too pretty.

(New post is up)
Chp_dzn said…
Love those flats! You look great! Good luck with exams Dayle! :)

Unknown said…
Thank you for the comment doll <3
Following you now !
Hope you can follow us too <3

SO pretty! love the combo! :)

I love that floral tunic. Very pretty. Enjoy the breather sweetie.
Happy Blogging,
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You look great :) I love your hair as well! I always thought that bangs would be so much fun to have.

Thank you so much for your kind words of support on the blog...I can only hope that this whole ordeal ends soon!
SR said…
heyy... nice blog... n u look cute! :) i like those sandals!
Dayle Pereira said…
Ahh, bangs are a pain sometimes though ! Thanks Amber :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Wish I could Amena :( The breather i.e these exams are driving me crazy!
Thank you :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you sweeties :)
Megha Sarin said…
Great post. My end terms are in December and i am dreading it now :(

I love your fringes <3 <3


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