October 17, 2012

Absent no more

It feels so great to be back here, if only for a bit. My first set of exams ended today and I'm taking a little bit of a breather before the next two weeks of the final set of exams. And the best way to take a breathe? Well, of course - pay my blog a little visit!
This outfit was one I was supposed to submit for InFB's Indian Fusion remix. A little to late for that *ahem* but nevertheless, I had to share it! The kurti can be classified for tonnes of ladies as a staple in a city where the heat and humidity is always soaring. Although ethnic dressing is a rare pick for me, this kurti is one I turn to on the hot days which are bursting with activity! Throw in a handful of bangles and chocolate brown sandals and you've got a pretty yet easy-to-maneuver outfit.

Floral kurti - Gifted, Brown leggings - Zara (London), Brown thong sandals - Thrift (Bandra), Gold and brown bangles - Thrift (Colaba, Lonavala), On my lips - Amway 'Earthy Brown'

 So although this absence from the blog hurts, come November, I am going to be back with a bang and absent no more!
Hope you liked the outfit!

See you soon my dolls!





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