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2012 has gone by in a flash. Can you believe how fast it has sped by? I can still recall it being the summer of 2012, where the blogosphere was discussing pastels and tangerine. Well, it is always nostalgic *and a little saddening* to leave behind a year stuffed to the seams with amazing times and memories; but New Year's gives us a chance start on a new canvas and create more memories.

So here is a round up of Style File in the year 2012 and of all the things I've started here, been obsessed with and enjoyed doing!

1) Coloured pants:
Coloured jeans and trousers took the world by storm in the previous year itself and by 2012, it established itself as not just a trend, but a staple for possibly every occasion. That is when I hopped on the bandwagon with bright as well as dark hues.

2) Different posting styles:
Continuously looking at outfits can actually get quite dull after a while. That's why, during the year, a number of various types of posts were implemented on Style File from DIY projects, to How to's for certain seasons to product reviews and a monthly peep into my life. Well, variety certainly is the spice of this blog !

3) Experimental styles:
I've mentioned before that starting a personal style blog has helped me step out of my clothing comfort zone into territories that have been uncharted for me. New patterns, trends and colours; I've enjoyed it all during the year.

4) Back to Black:
While experimenting is great, you do always need something to balance it out *too many things happening in an outfit will make it look like you belong to a circus* Black has been my blank canvas and has allowed me to try new looks while keeping me firmly looking normal.

5) Accessories:
I've never been much of an accessory girl. In fact, my early days on the blog were completely plain-jane in the accessory department. Slowly and steadily; I am, however, catching up with rings, sunglasses, bangles, purses and necklaces and enjoying how they complete an entire outfit.

So this is it, my dolls - The end of 2012, a year that has been particularly awesome for me. So lets hope 2013 is even better! Cheer's to each and every one of you beautiful people, for your support throughout and to a year full of amazing experiences, love, laughter, happiness, style and dancing.

Buh-Bye 2012.



Unknown said…
Love this post! I am also writing a similar post on 2012 trends :)

Anonymous said…
Nice Post!!Thanks for sharing!!
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Mukta Jain said…
I love those random poets that You share about monthly happenings and the little black dress pose, it is so cute.
A very happy new year to you!
Ayantika said…
such a nice blogging year you had :)
You look so cute in each and every posts.
Have an awesome year ahead.

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