Hello my dolls.
Last month at this time; my exams were finally done, it became a daily scenario where I slept till I woke up on my own *no alarm please!*, I restocked my closet and did a lot of cleaning, I planned up a few DIY projects for the festive season *that's yet to happen. ahem* and I was so perfectly free, I barely knew what to do with my time. This time around, it's a completely different scenario! While I'm waiting here with bated breath for my results and have started to wake up with the rising sun, here are a few snapshots of the past month.
PS: These snaps are from my Instagram profile *my handle is dayle01* If you're on Instagram, do join in for daily updates about fashion, food and random jibber-jabber.

Winged liner and red nails. Such a classic combination.

Look who they left in charge of the hardware shop - A Hen! She fluttered and flew and dropped a box of screws.

An afternoon spent with 2 of my favorites - My Hotstuff and a Peanut Butter Brownie Crumble.

My 20th in lace, peplum and plum lips. Full post here

Taking a break from the world. Feet up in my polka dot wool socks while watching Dexter.

This is where the pretty comes from. My mom and me getting ready for a dinner.

Piri piri fries are back with a bang! They bring tears to my eyes with they pungency but I cannot resist going back for more!

Hope everything has been going well with you guys. December here and so are the festivities! *Weeee!*
Looking forward to a peaceful Sunday to catch up on my blog roll and editing. See you soon dolls.


SR said…
cute pics!! :)
is that ur mom?! u look a lot like her! :)
Unknown said…
loved the whole post. Love your baby face :D. Your mom is very pretty and you both look so much like each other. That shows strong genes in the family :D.
Isha said…
you look so much like your mom!
and you are not supposed to put pics of such drool worthy food, aaah! the brownieeee! <3
dana lucia said…
Mama! I love seeing blogger Moms. Beautiful.
Smita said…
I love your blog! :)
Maybe you have time to read our post about Oscar De La Renta: Spring 2013 collection

Chic Factor Team
Unknown said…
You have made me SO hungry and I am in my hostel right now with no option :'( lol. I'm a new follower btw :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Yes it is my mom :) Thank you :D
Dayle Pereira said…
Hahaha ! Thank you Isha :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much Dana! I loved your recent post where your family was decorating the Christmas tree :D
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you Marla, she'll be glad to hear that :D
Dayle Pereira said…
Hi ! I love your website so much too :*
Dayle Pereira said…
Hello Shivani :) Haha! Try sneaking out and grabbing one ;) Thank you for being a reader !
coralcrue said…
Oh wow, two beautiful ladies. You look so much like your mom :)

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