Favorites from 2013

So dolls, we're barely hours away from a brand new year and the best way to celebrate is to take a peek into the year that was. I've rambled about it in the last Snapshots edition for 2013 but this time, which is the last post on Style File in 2013, I'll be looking back at my favorites during the very eventful year.

Favorite outfit:

                                                                                         Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

So I just couldn't choose between these two. The first outfit was one that I put together for the pure pleasure of dressing up. In the second one, the red pout and polka dots look so adorable together and the shoot was an absolute blast *as you can see from the picture*

Favorite beauty post: 

2013 is the year that Style File really got into beauty and skincare. I reviewed some new products and assembled some ones on beauty as well and from all of that, this one was my most enjoyable one. As someone who is wading into the beauty waters herself, I know that sometimes it can get tedious to get ready for a night out and putting together makeup stash can make life so much easier.

Favorite snapshots edition:

I introduced the snapshots segment to publish snippets of a day in my life, whether it is on a coffee run, a movie date or a blog event. My favorite amongst them is the monsoon edition because every time I look back at that post, I remember the smell of mud outside during the first rains and cosily drinking tea.

Favorite DIY post:

I've always claimed to be a DIY kinda girl and in 2013, I tried to implement some fun projects which are simple and cheap. My favorite is this DIY essentials post that detailed the stuff that you would generally need in a DIY bag to whip up a quick project.

Favorite Inspiration post:

I love watching celeb style and taking inspiration from their style and the trends they carry so when it came to picking my favorite, the winner was hands-down the Mindy Lahiri post since I binge watch her show like crazy and I relish that trendy, creative style of hers.

So that brings me to the end of this post *and to this year as well!* and I hope you enjoyed it! A few hours early but nevertheless, a happy new year to each one of you lovely people - have a safe, festive day!
See you next year!


Snapshots: Lessons from 2013

The year ends in 5 days and like any person who enjoys over-thinking, I've gotten a little introspective. When it started, I wasn't sure how good the year was going to turn out but now with 11 months and 25 days of it having flown by, I think I can say that I'm pretty pleased at the year 2013 has shown me.

Blinding lights

Excited as always while I'm in my hat phase.

I feel like I've grown a lot as a person, especially this year and I don't think turning 21 had much to do with it. After all, isn't age just another statistic? On a lighter note, Style File has grown enormously during 2013 and the number of Style File-rs are growing everyday, which makes me incredibly happy to share my thoughts with more and more people. My outfits are getting more refined, I'm gotten more involved in beauty and skincare, I've had the chance to attend some amazing events and  I'm experimenting a lot more with my personal style.

Making the most of Christmas while it's still the season.

Taking it all in at the sea, my happy place.
                                                                                                                  Photography: Raynor Pereira

And along my share of tribulations this year too, I've had my fair share of trials as well and the cold, hard truth is whether you are enjoying it or not, life goes on. That's why I believe that you must embrace every single moment of it. Embrace everything that life throws at you - the good, the bad, the humiliating, the maddening, the amazing, the exciting; just take all of it in because that it what really shapes you as a person.
At the end of it all, some of that becomes a life lesson that you will learn from or it becomes an amazing memory that will never fade from your mind. Whatever it is, I can promise you that you will benefit from it.
And that is what 2013 has taught me that I'll be taking forward to 2014.

How has your year been ?


Feliz Navidad

It is that magical, mystical, merry time of the year dolls and by my overuse of adjectives, you can tell that I'm excited! The eve of Christmas has this wonderfully warm, cosy, shiny aura around it that makes it my favorite holiday and the chill in the air only adds to the excitement. I've got a look that epitomizes all of these feelings perfectly and I think that maybe, just maybe, this one is my favorite look from Style File in 2013.
Take a look and tell me what you think.

Beret, lace, peplum, shorts, stockings, red lips, fishtail,braid

Beret, hat, blouse, marks and spencer, rimmel, charles and keith, lace, peplum, shorts, stockings, red lips, fishtail,braid

Beret, hat, blouse, marks and spencer, rimmel, charles and keith, lace, peplum, shorts, stockings, red lips, fishtail,braid

Beret, hat, blouse, MAC, barry M, marks and spencer, rimmel, charles and keith, lace, peplum, shorts, stockings, red lips, fishtail,braid

Beret, hat, blouse, MAC, barry M, marks and spencer, rimmel, charles and keith, lace, peplum, shorts, stockings, red lips, fishtail,braid

Beret, hat, blouse, MAC, barry M, marks and spencer, rimmel, charles and keith, lace, peplum, shorts, stockings, red lips, fishtail,braid

Beret, hat, blouse, MAC, barry M, marks and spencer, rimmel, charles and keith, lace, peplum, shorts, stockings, red lips, fishtail,braid

Lace peplum blouse - Local boutique {Bandra} [Previously seen here] | Shorts - Street stall {Colaba} | Diamond patterned stockings - Marks & Spencers {London} | Beret - Vintage | Booties - Gifted via Charles & Keith | On my lips - Rimmel 'Tantrum' | On my nails - MAC 'Shirelle' + Barry M 'Red Glitter'

                                                                                               Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

I've based my look around Christmassy shades and fun layering that is perfect for this time of the year with the nip in the air. The combination of textures and layers along with the adorable beret is one the reasons winter is so much fun! A shoutout to my brilliant boyfriend slash partner for the stunning work on this look.

Fun Fact: The title credits are a Christmas carol called Feliz Navidad which is Spanish for 'Merry Christmas'.

Season's Greetings to one and all of you lovelies and may your Christmas be merry and bright!


Mad for plaid

Winter signifies the arrival of a few integral things - Christmas, of course *My favorite holiday of the year obviously comes first on the list* Sweets *With the preparation of Christmas sweets in full swing, I cannot miss out on it, especially with my mouth being full of them* and winter fashion. Now fashion in the winter has its own mysterious, deep charm and one of the biggest trends for this winter is the wonderful tartan fabric of plaid. You've probably seen it before on countless skirts of school uniforms but that doesn't make it any less stylish. The intricate checkered fabric can be worn in countless ways and this look of mine is just one of them.

Plaid shirt - Vintage | Olive jeans - Zara [Previously seen here] | Tan pumps - Zara [Previously seen here] | Chain link necklace - Forever 21 [Previously seen here] | On my lips - Rimmel 'Cutting Edge' [Review seen here] | On my nails - Barry M 'Red Glitter' 

                                                                                             Photography: Raynor Pereira for Style File

For this look, I decided to stick to key tones for winter - the olive that perfectly coordinate with the look and a burgundy lip. And a little of sophisticated metallics can't harm with that fun necklace.


Beauty Queen on a Budget : The best underrated beauty picks

The festive season is definitely the most wonderful time of the year with just one little problem - the moolah issue. Ever so often, in the midst of shopping for Christmas presents and new baubles, your budget turns out to be tighter than you expected, and the rest of your essentials of the season need to be cancelled. Well, not this time!
After some trial and error, I decided to compile a list of beauty buys that are rather underrated for their brilliant performance and the best part is; I've kept them under a budget so all the individual product prices are under *amazingly enough* Rs.500!

Disclaimer: The following review is not carried out in association with any brand/company and the thoughts and opinions that are expressed below are honest and of my own.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara:

rimmel scandaleyes showoff mascara london

Price: Rs. 465
Availability: Moderate. At Parcos and online stores.

Like most Rimmel products that are great quality and value for money, their Scandaleyes Show Off mascara fits in perfectly. The packaging is flashy and bright, the rubberised bristles are comfortable to use and the rubber ball bristle applicator is the focal point of this product which I admit, does take some getting used to. Overall, it gives great definition and lift to my normal sized lashes and will be a great addition for both day and night looks.

Colorama Nail Varnish:

colorama nail varnish metallic purple, top coat, clear, transparent, maybelline

Price: Rs. 100
Availability: Easy. At all Maybelline kiosks in malls and department stores.

By far the most underrated nail varnish, Colorama deserves a lot more hue and cry around their nail varnish range. The packaging is simple, the applicator is smooth and well-formed and they come in so many different shades - all for Rs.100 a pop! Honestly, it doesn't get better than this. Go ahead and buy a different colour for each look of yours.

Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protectant Spray:

sunsilk keratinology heat protectant spray, hair styling, heat

Price: Approximately Rs. 400
Availability: Moderate. At most beauty and department stores.

With every day of the festive season requiring a new look, we're bound to be overusing our styling tools. To protect our tresses from getting fried by the time it is New Years, a heat protectant is a must before every styling process. The Keratinology Heat Protectant Spray by Sunsilk is the answer. The packaging is perfect for a quick spritz, the fragrance that it lends to your hair is divine and it definitely extends the style of your hair by a good number of hours at the least.

Lotus 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock:

lotus 3-in-1 matte look daily sunblock, sunscreen, sunblock, tinted

Price: Approximately Rs.350
Availability: Easy. At all Lotus kiosks, beauty and department stores.

Sunscreen is a must for every season *at the risk of sounding like your conscience* just because it is winter, don't skimp on it. The Lotus 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock is a lovely product for everyday usage with it's bright packaging and tinted shade to blend into your skin easily so you can use it as a base for makeup too! And along with all that, it also does its basic job of the actual sun protection as well.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly:

vaseline petroleum jelly

Price: Approximately Rs.75
Availability: Easy. At all chemists, medical and department stores.

What fabric glue is to my DIY kit, Vaseline should be to every beauty kit. Vaseline is a multi-purpose salve of sorts and can do just about anything for you *except your homework, of course* Use it on chapped lips, sparse lashes, dry elbows and even minor bruises. For the hydration it provides at its extremely affordable rates, this little guy should be wearing a medal.

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal:

lakme eyeconic kajal, lakme, kohl, india

Price: Rs.199
Availability: Easy. At all Lakme kiosks, beauty stores and department stores.

On the long list of beauty essentials that every girl needs, somewhere between moisturizer and mascara is kajal and I'm certain that the Eyeconic Kajal by Lakme is probably your go-to like it is mine. It gives great definition to your eyes, lasts for quite a few hours once applied and has a slightly tender consistency making it easy on your eyes to! So whether it is for a simple rimmed eye look or a finish to your smokey eyes. don't miss out on this kajal.

Nyle Clean & Shine Shampoo:

nyle clean and shine shampoo, nyle, shampoo, herbal,

Price: Rs.149
Availability: Easy. At all chemists, beauty and department stores.

While it may not have the popularity and celebrity endorsements of its counterparts, I find Nyle shampoo pretty amazingly and oddly underrated. The shampoo has great consistency, beautiful fragrance and does just what is promises to your hair - making it clean and tidy while staying shiny as ever. With extracts like aloe vera and amla, you can be assured that your hair will  be nourished and smell fantastic in the bargain too! So don't be fooled by it's rather simple appearance because this shampoo is one you cannot afford to miss.

Maybelline Baby Lips:

maybelline baby lips, colour, tint, lip balm, maybelline, baby lips, pink

Rs. 150
Availability: Easy. At all chemists, beauty and department stores.

I've mentioned before about how important lip balm is to ever girl's makeup stash so Baby Lips needs no introduction. With its foray into tinted and clear lip balms, Baby Lips allows you to pick as per your preference. Whatever you choice is, this is one lip balm you cannot miss out on with its cute packaging and the fabulous hydration that it provides for hours. Make sure you have one for every bag that you carry!

                                                                                          Photography: Dayle Pereira for Style File

PS: If you're looking to get a makeup stash together for the festive season ahead, this post will save your life. No really, it will.

So dolls, I do hope you liked this 'Beauty Queen on a budget' series that I've started not only to get underrated and brilliant products to you, my readers but to make sure you don't overspend on items that are not worth it. Do let me know how you like this new series and if you've got any feedback or suggestions about it, that's welcome too!

You can interact with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram as well so don't forget to tell me what you think!


To wish upon a star

Remember those effervescent dreams you had as a child? To become an astronaut, to look as pretty as your mummy when you grow up or to own a sports car. Back then, all of them seemed sparkly and full of hope. But suddenly, somewhere in the midst of growing up, they disappeared. They faded to the recesses of your mind or just got trumped by bigger dreams. Whatever it is, find your way back to them. Find that simplicity that was lost along the way and that childhood innocence that those dreams were made off. Once you hold them tight in the palm of your hand; close your eyes and wish them upon a star. They may not come true or you might just wake up in the morning with shiny new car keys at your bedside.

Star print blouse - Zara {London} [previously seen here] | Faux leather leggings - Ginger, Lifestyle [previously seen here] | Leather tote with gold hardware - Local boutique {Dharavi} [previously seen here] | Bow ballet flats - Local store {Bandra} | Bracelets - Aldo Accessories | Watch - Vintage Citizen | On my lips - Kate Moss for Rimmel #20 [Review here] | On my nails - Barry M #289 + L'Oreal 'Cafe St Germain'

                                                                                                 Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

Winter is coming and playing with textures like leather and silk is the best way to greet it! The colour palette that I've maintained for this outfit is achromatic *a.k.a black and white* and I've paired my leather tote to go with the my faux leather leggings. While deeper hues are generally associated with winter, I went with fresh, dewy makeup to brighten the look and threw in a few gold accessories to compliment the classic shades.


Inspiration: Decoding Mindy Lahiri of 'The Mindy Project'

We've all had that phase of our life where we were obsessed with Gossip Girl. *Admit it, you were too!* And when I had just started blogging, I even wrote style inspiration posts on Serena and Blair! While they are now out of the limelight, there is another style icon that is grabbing eyeballs. The best part is, she is far from being stick thin, is a bold, trendy dresser and is hilarious. Yes, I'm talking about Dr. Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project. While the Gossip girls made us swoon with their upstate style and luxurious lifestyles; the beauty about Mindy, is that she is a mile away from that and loving it. The show focuses on Mindy who is a young Indian gynecologist at a medical firm along with a bunch of quirky doctors and nurses. She juggles her romantic liaisons, her delightful closet and her crazy colleagues in New York City.

Danny: "You called 911 because there was a butterfly in your apartment!"

Mindy: "I thought it was a colourful bat" 

While I've been hooked to the show since its inception last year, I decided that it was about time that Dr. Lahiri's style got its own post. I've dissected her style from the show into a few sections that she frequents the most :

  • Colour: Mindy includes a lot of colour in her daily style; sometimes she does it through tiny pops of colour with her accessories and sometimes she just goes flat-out bold with brights in her clothing pieces. Often, she colour blocks her outfits with contrasting colours and unusual combinations which make her style very bright and fresh.

  • Bodycon fits: While curvier girls generally find bodycon fits to be risky, Mindy doesn't shy away from it. At an afterwork party or a date night, she leans towards solid coloured bodycon fits which are embellished or patterned. I love the fact that she shows off her curves and her great pins unapologetically in a sexy bodycon fit paired with a pair of fancy heels. 

  • Trendy: Mindy, being the fashion conscious doctor that she in, incorporates a lot of new trends into her daily looks. Sometimes it is denim-on-denim and on other days, it is a fruit print. While some trends look better than others on her, she enjoys playing the field and experimenting with her style.

  • Bags: Mindy definitely loves her bags and with her love of colour combined, she has an enviable collection of designer bags not just in boring neutrals but in the prettiest of colours as well! She doesn't consider bags as just an accessory but in fact, she ties together her entire ensemble with her bags which makes her outfit look more wholesome.

  • Print mixing: Like I mentioned before, she enjoys experimenting and one clothing experiment she favours constantly is print mixing i.e. the combination of two similar or contrasting prints in an outfit. She does it so effortlessly by often using an element like a cardigan or a bag that fuses the whole look together.

  • Sequins: Probably her favorite choice, Mindy loves her share of sequins to add a dash of glamour to the occasion. Her choices vary between sequin dresses, tops, skirts and even sequin embellishments according to the atmosphere of the event and often glams up a regular outfit with her sequins.

So if you haven't watched The Mindy Project yet, I hope this post convinces you to do just that *even if it is just for the fashion!* I has been a while since I've decoded an inspiration style and posted it so I do hope you like it!

PS: You could win Rs.2000 worth of an Ayesha Accessories voucher right HERE!

Would love to hear what you've got to say about the post, what's your favorite Mindy look or even your thoughts about the show! 


Giveaway time with Ayesha Accessories ! [Closed]

I've got a lot to celebrate about: how great the year has been treating me, my upcoming favorite festive month of December and my birthday starting off the month! And what better way to celebrate with you lovelies than with a giveaway by Ayesha Accessories!

There are just 2 simple rules to join in the giveaway contest:

  • Follow Style File on Facebook HERE
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Now is the fun part, the contest!
All you need to do is: 

  1. Share the Style File Facebook page.

[ How to share the page: Reach the Style File Facebook page and on the right hand corner, just below the cover picture, select the asterisks '*' button and then select the share option from the drop-down list as shown in the picture] 

2. Comment on THIS picture and tell me what is your most treasured accessory and why.

It could be anything, a necklace from your mom, a ring from your partner or a scarf from your cousin. You The winner will receive a voucher worth Rs.2000 from Ayesha Accessories. Also, this giveaway is a unisex one as Ayesha Accessories has their very own range of accessories for men as well so do tell your male friends to participate as well! 

The best part? You are allowed multiple entries so you can comment on the picture with as many stories as you like and you are required to share the Style File Facebook page each time you comment with a contest entry.

The contest is open to residents of India only and it ends on the 13th of December at 12 noon so what are you waiting for! Get cracking!

PS: I've been interviewed on by the lovely Anamika on the Wise She website about blogging, beauty and all things makeup so do drop in at her blog and check it out here !


Saree to bother you

So dolls, the great thing about being a blogger is, it pushes you to experiment. And on the other hand, the downside of being a blogger is, it pushes you to experiment. You see my conundrum ? Experimenting is always talked about in such an exciting manner where you can throw this and that together and create a fun look. Not so much. While I've had my high points like when I experimented with a blazer; more often that not, experimenting can be a disaster; whether it is a dress that makes you look like a tent or that eye makeup that looks more 'racoon' than 'smokey'. That being said, I've never stopped experimenting and I never will. I will tweak and twirl and snip and glue and no matter how many flops I have, I will try new things all the time.

red saree, chiffon, aztec print, Indian fusion, ethnic, traditional, Indian, tribal print, side bun, french braid, vintage, forever 21, highstreet

red saree, chiffon, aztec print, tribal print, Indian fusion, ethnic, traditional, Indian, side bun, french braid, vintage, forever 21, highstreet

red saree, chiffon, aztec print, tribal print, side bun, french braid, vintage, forever 21, highstreet, Indian fusion, ethnic, traditional, Indian

Aztec print crop top [worn as blouse] - Forever 21 | Red chiffon saree - Grandmother's vintage possession | Black sling bow bag - Zara [previously seen here] | On my lips - Rimmel 'Tantrum'

After a rather impressionable traditional day in school, I've never gone back to a saree. So recently when I had to attend a wedding where I knew Indian formals would be the code, I decided to go for it. While this isn't a strictly traditional Indian look, it is more of a fusion where I added in some aztec print and a french braided bun for good measure. I can finally put a tick mark next to 'wear a saree'. To ladies who don it their everyday walks of life, kudos for making a tough task like this one look so elegant and simple!

Hope you liked my take on an Indian fusion look, dolls!





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