Inspiration: Decoding Mindy Lahiri of 'The Mindy Project'

We've all had that phase of our life where we were obsessed with Gossip Girl. *Admit it, you were too!* And when I had just started blogging, I even wrote style inspiration posts on Serena and Blair! While they are now out of the limelight, there is another style icon that is grabbing eyeballs. The best part is, she is far from being stick thin, is a bold, trendy dresser and is hilarious. Yes, I'm talking about Dr. Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project. While the Gossip girls made us swoon with their upstate style and luxurious lifestyles; the beauty about Mindy, is that she is a mile away from that and loving it. The show focuses on Mindy who is a young Indian gynecologist at a medical firm along with a bunch of quirky doctors and nurses. She juggles her romantic liaisons, her delightful closet and her crazy colleagues in New York City.

Danny: "You called 911 because there was a butterfly in your apartment!"

Mindy: "I thought it was a colourful bat" 

While I've been hooked to the show since its inception last year, I decided that it was about time that Dr. Lahiri's style got its own post. I've dissected her style from the show into a few sections that she frequents the most :

  • Colour: Mindy includes a lot of colour in her daily style; sometimes she does it through tiny pops of colour with her accessories and sometimes she just goes flat-out bold with brights in her clothing pieces. Often, she colour blocks her outfits with contrasting colours and unusual combinations which make her style very bright and fresh.

  • Bodycon fits: While curvier girls generally find bodycon fits to be risky, Mindy doesn't shy away from it. At an afterwork party or a date night, she leans towards solid coloured bodycon fits which are embellished or patterned. I love the fact that she shows off her curves and her great pins unapologetically in a sexy bodycon fit paired with a pair of fancy heels. 

  • Trendy: Mindy, being the fashion conscious doctor that she in, incorporates a lot of new trends into her daily looks. Sometimes it is denim-on-denim and on other days, it is a fruit print. While some trends look better than others on her, she enjoys playing the field and experimenting with her style.

  • Bags: Mindy definitely loves her bags and with her love of colour combined, she has an enviable collection of designer bags not just in boring neutrals but in the prettiest of colours as well! She doesn't consider bags as just an accessory but in fact, she ties together her entire ensemble with her bags which makes her outfit look more wholesome.

  • Print mixing: Like I mentioned before, she enjoys experimenting and one clothing experiment she favours constantly is print mixing i.e. the combination of two similar or contrasting prints in an outfit. She does it so effortlessly by often using an element like a cardigan or a bag that fuses the whole look together.

  • Sequins: Probably her favorite choice, Mindy loves her share of sequins to add a dash of glamour to the occasion. Her choices vary between sequin dresses, tops, skirts and even sequin embellishments according to the atmosphere of the event and often glams up a regular outfit with her sequins.

So if you haven't watched The Mindy Project yet, I hope this post convinces you to do just that *even if it is just for the fashion!* I has been a while since I've decoded an inspiration style and posted it so I do hope you like it!

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Would love to hear what you've got to say about the post, what's your favorite Mindy look or even your thoughts about the show! 



Delight reading this. Well written & compelling enough for me to go watch this!

ThefashionFlite said…
I never paid attention that close, But admiring bright colors on her now. Nicely compiled Dayle..
Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

sandy sandhu said…
So gorgeousLove
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Karishma said…
Firstly, I have to admit I have still not watched Gossip Girls. :/
The Mindy Project will definitely be on top my list of shows to watch now..
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you everyone, I'm glad you like it :)

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