March 27, 2013

Tales of a tiny girl

We are a culture obsessed with perfection. And while that is great in many aspects like a career and studies, I don't believe it holds true when it comes to body image. Body image is a topic discussed widely, in particular, skin colour and weight. And I find it slightly alarming that height isn't a topic that is generally included and discussed in this category.

At one point of time, a tiny part of you has probably ached over having that 5' 8" kind of height, the ones the ladies on the ramps at various fashion shows have; or those long legs that never seem to end. I, as a tiny 5 footer myself, admit it *rather grudgingly* Ever since I was in school, being short meant being in the front row of my class pictures and being seated in the first few benches of the class. It was during those years that I became a tad insecure about my height and the way I looked because of it. Now insecurity is a perfectly natural emotion but at no point should it affect your own self-perception and cause you grief. 

As I grew up, left school and the menacing front bench, maturity set in and things changed. When I started blogging  about style and image *and now having completed 2 years of it!*, things changed greatly. The truth is, height is just another statistic of your body. It plays no role in what kind of personality you have, the way you dress and the way you live your life. Celebrities like Lea Michele, Amy Poehler, Michael J.Fox, Kim Kardashian and even Lady Gaga all fall below the 5' 3" height mark. In fact, us short girls, have the advantage of looking adorable in just about any dress, looking dazzling *and not too gawky* in heels and of course, getting the tightest of bear hugs.

So if you're part of the short girl gang, I've love for you to know that there is so much beauty in being a tiny little thing and in fact, it's something that I've come to love about myself. Embrace it completely because truly, I would not love myself any other way than this.





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