How to: Denim shorts with lace sides

I enjoy spending my summer vacation afternoons with a tall glass of lemonade and an easy DIY project to keep me busy. Whilst spring cleaning, when I found an old pair of black denim jeans at the back of my closet, I decided that sprucing it up could liven a lot of outfits for myself so I embarked on this project and shared it on the blog so that you too could redo those comfy old denims that you're too afraid to get rid off.
And don't worry, it's an extremely easy project that will take you less than an hour.

Step 1: Gather your tools

Step 2: Using another pair of shorts as your guideline, place both their waists together and draw a line with tailoring chalk to what length you would like your DIY shorts to be. 
I've used my favorite pair as a guideline that fits me like a dream.

Step 3: Keeping the forks of both the shorts together, chop the DIY shorts leaving a little more fabric than the tailoring chalk line.

Step 4: Turn the DIY shorts inside out and place them in such a way that the inner pocket and side seam is near you. Now cut off a small triangle between the side seam and bottom hem.
Do note that the larger the triangle, the more leg showing through the lace so I'd recommend you cut a tiny triangle at first and then experiment if you want more showing.

Step 5: Turning your shorts on the right side out, place your lace around the cut-out triangle so that it peeks through. Adjust it so that a little extra lace falls below the hem and keep it in place with pins.

Step 6: In the space between the cut-out triangle and the pin line, sew the lace into place with matching thread. 

Step 7: Once your stitching is done, trim off the excess waist around the unneeded areas of the shorts and the hemline.

Step 8: At the hemline, fold your excess fabric inwards (which was below your tailoring chalk line), keep it in place with pins and sew it together.

And you're done!
Here's what your final pair of shorts should look like.

Blue denim shorts - GAP via Local store (Bandra) [previously seen here], Black denim jeans (which are now shorts) - Wrangler

While a front view may not seem too different from any other pair, when you take a side view of them, they definitely add an edge to a regular look of yours. I'm planning on doing an outfit post with them so you shall see them on the blog soon! 
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Let me know if you have any queries and if you do try it out, do share the pictures with me on Facebook, I'd love to see them!



a mom's diet said…
cool idea.
Shubhi said…
I love this DIY, and though I don't wear shorts, I love how you have explained the whole thing!
Very interesting presentation!

And, how cool you saw that shirt too!! Though it is hardly a surprise, the print is xtremely blogger-eyecatching! Got it for 250 bucks ;)

SJ said…
amazing DIY, love it. I so wish I was so creative wid things, toally love it Dayle, cant wait to see u in it
Anonymous said…
I love this post!!
I'm gonna try this soon!!
Dayle Pereira said…
Totally :)
Thank you - glad you liked the post!
Dayle Pereira said…
Aw, thank you dear :)
Dayle Pereira said…
I'm glad you do ! share it on my page once you try it !

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