Lakme Fashion Week diaries #1 : Nikhil Thampi, Nishka Lulla and Shift

Being at Lakme fashion week this season was nothing short of magic and the bright spotlights, the pretty clothes and the leggy models all contributed to it. I kept my eye out for familiar designers but was interested mainly in spotting fresh new names and faces which left me satisfied because it was refreshing to see so much of bright talent in the industry with interesting and gorgeous collections.

Of all the shows that I attended on my first day, a few of them caught my eye.

Nikhil Thampi 


Nikhil Thampi's show was my favorite of the day. It consisted of opulent fabrics with the sheen and was completely in shades of black, white and gold. The gold cuffs and the printed sheer fabrics adding to the glitz but what struck me was the stunning kathakali face print that was used - So exquisite!

Nishka Lulla

I found Nishka Lulla's collection to be disappointing, mainly because the designs had nothing especially unique about them. The collection consisted of winter shades like slate grey, burgundy and a few pastels as well. I found the gold shirts and hems to compliment the rest of the ensembles brilliantly. I did like the collared shirts, cigarette trousers and the loafers and they were repeated consistently through most of the looks.


Shift came to me as a surprise because it was a name that I had barely heard of but the trends of the collection were wearable and interesting. Dark prints and florals took center stage in a variety of forms. Burgundy, a favorite from the previous winter made its return with gold embellishment. The high waists and flared trousers are also styles that are gaining popularity. I adored the feminine touch that the headscarves and ankle strapped pumps added to the collection.

                                                                                                   Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

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SS said…
Love it ! The Pictures came out amazing :D
xoxo <3
Renisha said…

Awed by Nikhil's collection..simply amazing!

She Rockin Them Stilettos

Anonymous said…
Mint dress & black lehenga rocks! amazing pics!
Karishma said…
Yes Nikhil's collection is exquisite!
Great pics hun.
Aditi SoSaree said…
Gorgeous post..n i so love nikhil thampi.
Nishk on the other hand has always dissapointed me.

Dayle Pereira said…
Exactly, so dissapointing.

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