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I find that one of the greatest benefits of the festive season is sparkle. That's right, sparkle. Even if you bathed in a glitter filled bathtub and showed up somewhere; no one will ever ask why you're wearing too much of it because well, festivities.
Today, after dusting off the DIY section on the website; I'll be demonstrating a ridiculously simply tutorial to add some sparkle to your look with a wrist wrap. Another benefit is that it can be layered with more sparkle for the festive season if you like to go ba-bling-bling or even just worked with a simple ensemble for more pizzazz.

Let's go!

You'll find most of what you need around the house and your time required will be just 10 minutes. The sequin trim can be purchased at most fabric shops and in some specialty stationary shops. Half a meter of the trim was more than enough to be wrapped around my wrist a few times but I'd suggest you wrap it around yourself a few loops and then decide the length you'd like to go with. Make sure your thread shade is similar to your trim shade so that your sewing looks like a ninja did it.

On one end of the trim, use your needle and thread to create a tiny hoop through which the eyelet hook can catch on. You can do so by sewing a small circle and reinforcing it by stitching over it a few times. No pressure and all but remember, this is the hoop that your wrap hinges on so make sure its sewn securely and your knots are tight.

On the other end of the sequin trim, you have to sew the eyelet hook in place. Stitching such a teeny-tiny little items can be daunting so now's the time to put those polished nails to good use. Steady the hook in place while sewing so that it is firmly secured.

Last step: try out the eyelet hook with the loop and reinforce the stitching if you find it necessary. Now all that's left is to wrap it around your wrist and preen in front of the mirror. Of course, that's optional but I know you'll do it anyway.

Photography: Raynor Pereira / Style File

This is an incredibly easy tutorial which will be ready in a jiffy. Your handmade wrist wrap will add a sparkly pop to all your arm parties *and regular parties, as well* this season!

Do hope you lovelies liked it & would love to see you try it!



Rashmi Bhosale said…
Really easy and fabulous DIY :)

from Lazygulrox
June said…
Great DIY Dayle :)
Keep in touch
such a fun and easy DIY, thanks for sharing!
Loved it...this is wat I am doing this weekend thanks
Unknown said…
Gosh Dayle this is so pretty! I'm so going to try this! Thanks for sharing!
Nilu Yuleena
BIG hair LOUD mouth
Brigita said…
Sounds so easy, but looks so good!!

Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you so much everyone, glad you like it!

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