Style Files | An afternoon with Vichy + Review

When this pretty package arrived one morning, I knew I was in for a treat. So off I went to spend a sunny afternoon with the fantastic team at Vichy and India's top cosmetic dermatologist.

With reasonably fine skin all through my youth, I thought I had managed to duck the dreaded teenage acne. However, the winning combination of oily and sensitive skin; ensured that, before I was even across the finish line it caught up with me which has, since then, taken immense care and nutrition to rectify.
That's one of the major reasons why Vichy is special to me. Their unique dermocosmetic brand of products is made especially for sensitive skin and has a number of ranges which are suited for just about any skin issue from acne to hydration to youth enhancing.

Being the first of its kind event hosted by Vichy for handful of journalists and beauty bloggers, we were introduced to the origins of the brand, its arrival in 2002 in India and how the world renowned thermal spa water came about.

Jaishree Sharad, dermatologist to the stars, gave us insight into the way your skin functions, the best ways to nourish it and also launched her book 'Skin Talks'. After all the skin-tastic knowledge, a thoughtfully conceived skin bar checked your skin types and hydration while prescribing the best Vichy range for you.

After playing around with their wide range of products, I've found that the Bi-White range to be my ideal fit correct any pigmentation issues post outbursts. To clear any misconceptions, the Bi-White range is created to brighten your skin tone and bring back its original tone when faced with discoloration. I've been trying out the Bi-White Med Deep Corrective Whitening Essence and here's my take on it.


  • The tube packaging with a nozzle is not only portable but hygienic to use.
  • The fragrance of the essence is citrus-like and refreshing.
  • The texture of the essence is that of a light, water based lotion which absorbs quickly into the skin and did not irritate my sensitive skin
  • For just 15ml of product, the cost is Rs.1150 which although, high in quality, is expensive,
  • Although I've been using it for just a couple of weeks as a spot treatment on affected areas, I've seen a noticeable lightness in the areas of application while a month or so of its usage will truly tell of its efficacy.
  • Rating: 8/10

It is such a pleasure o finally meet Vichy, a brand that actually addresses the problems for different skin types and combinations like oily and sensitive skin and I cannot wait to dig in to them all!



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