[Closed] Giveaway | What makes you glow?

It's always nice to begin on a positive note. Like a hearing about a good review before you head for a movie or savoring the parmesan sprinkled on top of your spaghetti. Just like that, a good giveaway is conducive to the fresh new year of 2015 for which, Style File has got you covered.

There is one and only one rule to participate in the giveaway:
You have to be a follower of Style File on Instagram HERE

It's an incredibly fun contest where I'll be egging you on so once you're a follower, all you have to do is:
Ask yourself the question "What makes you glow?" and post a picture on your Instagram profile of whatever you think makes you glow. It could be your favorite movie star, your most stunning pair of shoes or an act of kindness from a loved one - absolutely anything!

Now this here is important: Once you've posted it, make sure you tag @DaylePereira in the comments and use the hashtag #GiveawayWithStyleFile. Make sure to set your profile to public for the period of the contest so that I can view your entry! Also, you can post as many entries as you like per person, just make sure all entries include the necessary tags. 

That's all!

The most innovative entry will win a hamper of products from Pond's Gold Radiance range and you must be a resident of India to partake in the contest. The contest will run from 8th January 2014 to the 17th January at 5.00 pm so let's do this guys & get that glow on!



Unknown said…
Done mine...How many winners...Dayle...
June said…
Loving the new look of your blog. Well done Dayle!
Unknown said…
Ooh! This sounds awesome Dayle! Thank you for hosting the giveaway! <3
Nilu Yuleena
BIG hair LOUD mouth
Shilpa Bindlish said…
I have shared my entry Dayle. Hope u like it :)

Shilpa Bindlish

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