DIY | Valentine's Day gift ideas

The season of love is just around the corner which begs the question, "Are you prepared yet? "
Have you come confidently clad in an armor of heart balloons bearing a box of chocolates or do you plan on shaking it up a bit this year and taking a more innovative route?

With me, Valentines day comes down to the thought you put into a gift - whether it be as simple as a handwritten note slipped into a purse or as elaborate as a surprise serenade by a violinist; the thought you put into planning the gift and the effort you put executing it is worth more than all the red velvet cupcakes in the world.

That's why, I've devised 3 gift ideas for 3 types of valentines and ones that you can make at home yourself ! Fun, innit?

For the beauty junkie:

All beauty junkies look for a holiday to add just the appropriate touch to their looks; so why should Valentines day be any different? I've created a nail art tutorial that you can try to pamper your beauty obsessed buddy or even indulge in some self-love with!

Keeping the theme around love motifs, start by picking a pastel hued base shade that you think works best as well as complimentary colours for the nail art. White seemed too dull of a base so I chose lavender while pink, red, silver and a holographic glitter top coat are for the nail art. Once you've got your base shade on, decide your motif for each respective nail. I've used a toothpick and a fine eyeliner brush for the nail art detailing which needs precision. Proceed to detail each nail with the decided design - I've used 'XOXO', polka dots, hearts and a lip imprint. Stick to larger designs for your thumb, middle and ring finger while keep the design to the least on your pointer and pinky since they've got the least surface area.

Once your detailing is complete and dried well for an hour; use a transparent top coat to protect the design and keep it intact. Voila! There you have your Valentines day nail art !

For the foodie:

The way to any good foodies heart, is through their stomach so when it comes to gifting a foodie, you know that an edible item is always the right choice. For prior Valentines, I've always revolved around the theme of pinks and reds. Thanks to my mum's delicious line of work, I decided to take a step away but still stay in the vicinity with an absolutely stunning carrot cake, topped with cream cheese frosting.

Carrot cake is a dense, nutty dessert cake and along with the tang of the cream cheese frosting, makes for a match made in dessert heaven! The process is simple and you can find the easy to follow recipe here. I've added a heart shaped cake topper cut from cardboard and decorated with glitter, to add a sweet little touch for your food lover!

For the bibliophile and crafts crazy:

I cannot even begin to recall the number of times I've paused in the midst of a chapter and hunted for something, anything to mark the pages; even resorting to bus tickets. With this easy tutorial that takes merely 5 minutes to make, you can avoid such problems for your bibliophile friend and even soothe the crafts crazy ones as well.

Start with crafts paper and cut out two hearts from it, one fairly larger than the other. Then using any sort of coloring equipment you desire; colour both the hearts. I'd suggest using contrasting patterns or shades for both since they will be placed on top of the other. Apply a dot of glue on the centre of the larger heart and place the centre of the smaller heart in line with it, on the glue. Once dried, your pages can be marked by placing it in between the hearts and pausing all those exciting stories.

I hope you've enjoyed these DIY projects that I've created this Valentine's Day & I'd love to see you try them out. So make sure you make your loved one feel special this Valentines day; to love and be loved is a wonderful thing!



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