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As the spring blooms usher in a new season, I fall into my habitual routine of tracking down the various fashion weeks across the globe and fresh new glossies on stands just to know what to expect in the season to come. I scour through lists, make my notes and, suddenly, it strikes me. Fashion weeks, seasonal trends and holy grail magazines may be pretty, artistic and lust-worthy but truth be told, they aren't always practical. Layering your clothes may be all the rage, but would you actually be able to survive our sweltering summer in a blazer? And while over-lining your lips à la Kylie Jenner has caught up with beauty gurus, is it really worth waking up 20 minutes earlier every morning?

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When I was somewhere in my teens, trying to totter like a calf in my first big-girl pair of stilettos, I'm grateful that I was advised not to ever become a slave to fashion. My heart broke a little to put the shoes back and walk away gracefully but, a few years later when it was physically possible to don them, I was thankful for those words. So is there is a balance between the two worlds or is it one of those urban myths? On behalf of fashion lovers everywhere, the good news is, it's true. There are, in fact, ways to strike that very balance between being fashionable and being practical and it all begins with Liva, a wonder kid fabric like none other.

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Crafted from natural cellulosic fibres, think of Liva as a companion more than a fabric. It feels like a second skin, gives your body the breathing space it needs and propels with every movement of your body. And that's just the start! The origins of this revolutionary man-made fabric are both biodegradable and renewable, which means bonus points for Mother Earth as it is truly, from nature.

fashion, model, rampwalk, indianwear, ethnic, fluid, liva, birla, style file, style file india, fashion blogger

At the recent launch of Liva, a spectacular show ensued where the the likes of James Ferreira, Narendra Kumar and Anita Dongre amongst others displayed a range of billowy sarees, dyed prints and flowing gowns which revolved around the 5 forces of nature. Dancers cavorting with every step possible and models sashaying down the ramp were the test of fire for Liva with the immense movement and locomotion involved in the process, which it passed with flying colours! The foundation of Liva is set on a firm concept - one that the everyday consumer, you and me; can connect with. So the softness of its touch, the drape when it slides over you and its pleasant luster only makes it easier to enjoy.

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Designers and a variety of high-street brands that have crafted their creations with Liva vouch for its fluid nature and breath-ability, especially in our climate. Even the brand ambassador of Liva, the talented and sprightly Kangana Ranaut, spoke of her penchant for fabrics that allow for freedom of movement, especially with her busy life. Coco Chanel believed in fashion being present in our everyday lives and with Liva, a new-age genius fabric that allows functionality along with fashion, its the wonderful start of making Chanel's words a reality.

fashion, model, rampwalk, indianwear, ethnic, fabric, fluid, liva, birla, style file, style file india, fashion blogger

So, it looks like fashion has its moments. It can be incredibly impractical with armadillo shoes and constricting corsets but it does have a realistic side as well, a side that the everyday 'tote and ballerinas' girl will enjoy. It does have a path that combines style with a sense of functionality. And that is a path that begins with an incredible innovation called Liva which is the beginning of a whole new journey in fashion. If this story on LIVA has gotten you intrigued, then please do get in touch with Media Moments for further details.


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Dayle did you take these photos? Well done! The shot of the gold dress is spectacular. Absolutely beautiful collection too.

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