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It all began with a sleeveless blouse which I distinctly remember, had the union jack motif printed on it. I was barely in my teens and with budding new bodily hair, I was in a conundrum as to how to wear it. Because obviously, as a dramatic youngling, wearing that top to the party was the most important thing in the world to me. After guidance on the quickest, most painless procedure for hair removal, I turned to my Gillette Venus razor. That set of smooth arms to the party that night left an impression on me about shaving and since then, there has been no turning back.

Dayle Pereira of Style File India shoots a series of black and white pictures of her legs while wearing a bathrobe and holding a mug

It was somewhere during these years that I figured out how important grooming is to me and made sure to set aside time every few days to take account of this. While I was examining whether my eyebrows were growing out aligned and my nails were buffed, I slowly kept a check on my body hair as well. So every time I knew I was slipping into a pair of denim cut-offs or choosing a dress, I leaned forward for my razor. Soon enough, my Gillette Venus razor became synonymous with hair removal in a jiffy and my grooming routine.

Dayle Pereira of Style File India shoots a series of black and white pictures of her legs while wearing a bathrobe and holding a mug

While my grooming routine since then has consisted of a number of hair removal methods; when I began the Subscribe to Smooth challengeit was nostalgic trip to my teens when I relied solely on my razor. Except this time, I made sure to start shaving in the most efficient way possible. It begins with a little pre-soak for a minute or two which plumps up the skin just enough to make it moisturized enough for the best shave. Next, get your legs in a raised, extended position to allow for mobility to reach those tricky places. A moist layer helps get that clean shave we all desire so while you can shave wet or even with hair conditioner, the ideal companion is the Gillette shaving foam that is fresh and foamy to get lathered up. Gently move your razor in fluid motions across your skin against the grain of the hair without too much of pressure on it. A tip I learnt just recently was shaving the hard to reach, fiddly parts *read: knees, ankles and other bony bits* in the midst of your shave, not at the end because that is when you have the right momentum. Once you've completed shaving, wash up and moisturize your skin. Shaving doesn't just remove your hair but the dead skin cell layer as well so it needs hydration to stay supple. Wash your razor thoroughly post usage and store in a dry place in an upright position. Once you find the coloured strip of your Gillette Venus razor discoloured or the blades dull, make sure you change the cartridge to get the optimum shave from your razor.

The Gillette Venus ladies razor is the perfect tool for shaving as it is economical and ergonomically designed

The challenge has made me rethink my hair removal decisions. I've stressed numerous times about how convenient it is since you don't need to step out of your house for it but there's so much more! It's inexpensive and you save up even more since you don't need to visit a salon. It takes a matter of minutes of your life, that's it. And my favorite part? No side-effects while being completely painless.

Dayle Pereira of Style File India shoots a series of black and white pictures of her legs while wearing a bathrobe and holding a mug

I know that shaving is the newest addition to my grooming routine and it would be a tragedy if it wasn't in yours too. While I'm in the fag end of my challenge, you can hit me up if you've got any queries about shaving and check out my final trip on the smooth sailing journey!

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