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Through the years, I've adored and idolised many great women and their style sensibilities. From Lauren Conrad's SoCal vibe to the Gossip Girl's immaculate style, I find personal style icons in the unlikeliest of places. I spot them in the midst of TV shows, glossy pages and retweets and recently, a lady that has got my attention is Zendaya Coleman.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman is a fashion icon in everything she wears as seen at a Teen Vogue editorial photoshoot

I discovered Zendaya at a rather odd time - right in the middle of a controversy. While I thought she looked divine among the sea of beautiful people on Oscars red carpet, it was the reaction to her look that sparked a fire. But it was her confidence and the way she eloquently shut down the critics that caught my eye. The more I discovered Daya, the better it got. She was a blazing hot streak of style and support that encouraged positiveness all around.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman wears different styles of dresses, coordinated seperates and pant suits and looks stunning in all

There's no doubt about it - Daya is a gorgeous girl. Whether she is suiting up with elan or frolicking in ruffles, there's no look that this fashion queen cannot pull off. But what made me sit up and notice Zendaya wasn't just her immaculate sense of style; it was more than that. I think it was probably the reason why she caught my eye in the first place - her forthrightness.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman gives us beauty inspiration with her different hairstyles, accessories and makeup looks from cornrows to red lips

Admittedly, even at just 19, Zendaya has seen her fare share of controversy and has come out standing strong. The critics tore down her mullet hairstyle and the haters tried to body shame her for being too bony or too thick but Daya would have none of it. She responded with positive messages, flawless photos and a smoking hot dose of sass. No wonder she's known as the queen of clapbacks.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman is a fashion icon in everything she wears as seen at an editorial photoshoot wearing a white swimsuit with chainmail on the beach

From shooting to fame as a Disney star, Zendaya has come a long way. Once she debuted on television, she went on to lend her voice to movies and make guest appearances on them. This was followed by signing a recording deal to release a debut album and a video which received millions of views. Soon enough, her background in dance and theatre propelled her to take the stage on Dancing With The Stars. Daya is also a published author and has launched Daya By Zendaya which is a women's footwear line that is inspired by her own closet.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman experiments with her style and sports a blunt bob hairstyle, nude acrylic nails and beach waves hairstyle

When it comes to the beauty sphere, even in her teens, Zendaya is a force to be reckoned with! I'd term her as a style chameleon - blink and she'll be sporting dark matte lips and a slick ponytail. Blink again and she's in hoops and sultry red lips. Even while constantly experimenting, this glamazon tilts towards the look of luxe fashionista and looks chic beyond her years. If there was ever a risky trend no one wanted to take their chances on, Daya would be the one flaunting it with panache. Ear cuffs, defined brows, dramatic talons and cornrows are just a few of the looks that she sports gorgeously. If there was ever a role model that combined fierceness, positiveness and style in one body, Zendaya is the girl for the job.

Teen hollywood celebrity Zendaya Coleman looks different in every look with her pixie bobs, bold eyebrows and high ponytail



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