DIY | Denim pocket patch tutorial

I need no persuasion to admit that I am a denim lover. I could live in straight fit jeans and relaxed t-shirts, they feel like home to me. So even though denim doesn't have the best reputation in the monsoon, I was pleased at its sudden peak in popularity even in this sticky heat; all thanks to the patches trend. From jackets to jeans, the fabric got a redux with sassy slogans and smirking emojis adorning it. Obviously, being eager to join the the cool, patch-wearing gang, I decided to create a DIY project with a personal touch.

Follow this Do It Yourself Tutorial to try the Denim Patches trend in your closet from your home

After immersing myself in my closet, I soon found a way to bring together my love for denim and excitement for patches to create this project. If you're looking to add patches to your outfit without looking like yet another high-street clone, this tutorial is for you. Ok? So let's get down to business.

White t-shirt, denim shorts, scissors, fabric glue and needle and thread are the items needed for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch trend

The items you need for the project are commonly found in your sewing box at home. For the t-shirt to create the patch appliqué on, I've chosen a basic white tank since that will stand out best on the denim.

The denim pocket is to be cut out from an old pair of jeans so wisely choose a pair that you do not fancy wearing any more. In order to separate the pocket from the pant, use a blade to cut the stitching from inside the pocket. For my DIY project, I've chosen a customised pocket that I received as part of an invite.

Girl drawing on white t-shirt with pencil around denim patch pocket for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

Next, place the newly separated denim pocket on the top right hand corner of your t-shirt and use a pencil to mark where it should be affixed. This is to ensure its steady placement through the process, even if your hand slips.

Quick tip: Before marking it, I wore my t-shirt and placed the pocket on it in front of the mirror. This allowed me to adjust the pocket placement according to my arm movement without blindly fixing it in place.

Woman's fingers with nail art cutting around denim patch pocket for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

It's time to give your denim pocket some grooming. Most likely, you'll find loose fibres peeking out of the edges of the pocket so use your scissor to trim it thoroughly. We don't want any of those unsightly strands showing up on our pocket now, do we!

Women's fingers with nail art gluing the denim patch pocket with fabric gluefor the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

With the t-shirt marked and the pocket groomed, all that is left to do is affix it in place. For most projects, I always follow a glue and stitch method because it gives it double security to stay in its place.

To do that, I start by using fabric glue, one of my most important DIY essentials. Apply the fabric glue on the edges of the reverse of the pocket and follow the previous pencil markings to stick it in place.

Women's fingers with nail art stitching the denim pocket on a white t-shirt surrounded by a scissor and pencil for the DIY tutorial of the Denim Pocket Patch

While the fabric glue works its magic on it, start with the second part of the sealing method. Use a matching threaded needled to stitch the edges of the pocket at the sides and the bottom. Keep the stitches small in size so that it isn't visible on the t-shirt. Once done, leave the t-shirt to dry for 6 hours so the pocket is firmly secured in place and ideal to be used.

White t-shirt with denim pocket patch trend on the top corner placed on a colourful fabric with embroidery

 Photography: Raynor Pereira | Artwork: Leo Alemao
And you are ready to join in the patches trend, albeit with a bit of personalisation. Apart from being incredibly trendy, I especially like how practical this DIY project is. It's so wearable that it even found its way into my Lakmé Fashion Week outfit line-up!

Like me, I hope that you too liked the tutorial and get crafty with an old pair of jeans. So this weekend, you know what's keeping you busy - now get DIY-ing already!



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