Life | Snapshots: Summer Break 2018

My love for summer is renowned and this year, the wait for it seemed endless. The past couple of months have been physically and emotionally exhausting so the second the temperature began to rise steadily and my travel plans were confirmed, all joy broke loose. Especially if you live your whole life in the city, the smell of clean air and blissful sound of silence are a welcome change. From eating dinner under the stars to 8K treks up hills, it was heavenly to just live with the sea, sand and sky as my constant companions.

I've come back renewed, focused and peaceful, feelings I haven't felt in a long time. It's also why I haven't been present on the blog as much as I would have liked but slowly, I will get back into the swing of things. Till then, here's a look at what transpired on my summer break. Be warned: If you're in dire need of a holiday, this might not do you any good.

My happy place

Image of pink frangipani champa flowers with green leaves growing on a tree in Goa
Blooming buds, all rosy and bright, at their peak

Image of a woman's feet besides a river with small fish swimming in Goa
Afternoon solitude by the riverside

Image of a dark grey sky surrounded by clouds on top of the mountains and hills in Goa
A mountainscape dotted with grey clouds that look like something straight out of a documentary

Image of a woman wearing printed shorts going for a walk with a brown dog in Goa
Afternoon walks with a furry new companion

Image of a basket full of green mango fruit in Goa
It doesn't get any better than harvesting your own drool-worthy produce, right in your backyard

Image of lightning striking the sky during a thunderstorm while cars drive on the roads in Goa
Almost otherworldly scenes with zipping cars and strikes of lightning at night

Image of a fishing net filled with fishes and crabs freshly caught in the sea in Goa
First catch of the day, fresh out of the ocean

Image of a sunset by the sea in Goa with the sky in shades of orange, peach, purple and gold
This is one of the many reasons why I adore the sea, through and through

Image of fresh berries on the brand of a bush in Goa
Evenings spent berry-picking and eating all our day's work, almost instantly

Image of a young woman in denim shorts under a flowering tree in Goa
Absolutely overjoyed at finding flowers blooming and beautiful

Image of a vegetable vendor sitting in a market selling carrots, beetroots, capsicum and cucumbers in Goa
You can only imagine how good food tastes with produce as fresh as this

Image of a green mango fruit hanging from a mango tree in Goa
What a delight to get a glimpse of (and eat!) more mangoes than the eyes can see

Image of a boats on a beach surrounded by mountains in Goa
Quiet mornings and empty shores at beachside towns

 Photography: Raynor Pereira / Style File

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much I loved experiencing all of them. It'll be back to business on Style File soon so here's to a fabulous last few weeks of summer.

Dayle Pereira

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