Thanksgiving love.

Hey guys,
Its a beautiful bright Sunday afternoon and to go along with the gorgeous weather, the church celebrates today as Thanksgiving. Thinking a little on it, I have so so much to be thankful for that I can't really list it all..But to whoever I have in my life at this instant - Thank you guys, I love you. And to everyone reading this - Thank you  :) Its because of you have that I blog.
There's just one small glitch. My exams start tomorrow. That's like my entire life pausing till the 12th of October.  So yes, I'm probably going to be offline till then but I promise, I shall be back with a bang.

Now last week when I did my post for We Love Wool campaign, you saw me in some awesome shots. After I finished with it though, I decided that my posing time wasn't done.
Take a look at these.

Ganji & Belt - Thrift, Shorts - Esprit

This is for you, till I get back to blogging.
Will miss you guys! Take care & Have a great Thanksgiving :)


Shilpa Rao said…
Looking really swell............. chanced up on ua bog today... must say.. love it:)...
It would be really nice if u could jst price tag each of ua items...though........
nywys.. keep blogging :)xoxo..
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you Shilpa :) I'm really glad you like my blog! Stay updated on Facebook & Twitter for all the latest on my blog :)
I'll definitely try the price tag thing when I blog next :)

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