November 13, 2011


Hey guys,
The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my holidays are coming to a close. I am dreading this but hopefully, I'll fall into a routine soon enough.
Its been a pretty great, busy week and I've had a blast. On one of days, I was in a bit of a hurry - That's when I pulled this together! Do you have an outfit which is a no-brainer? One which you turn to in a hurry and still look great ? If you read this post, the shorts I had purchased then have become a wardrobe essential for me now. I've worn them with sandles, wedges, pumps, over-sized tees, well-fitted shirts and blazers *Long list - Phew!* and these shorts pretty much go with everything!
And when you team it up with another wardrobe essential, a plain white tee, this is what you get:

White t-shirt - Westside, Belt - Thrift, Shorts - Old navy, Peep-toe flats - Local Boutique DIY.

I'm pretty sure everyone has a chic go-to outfit, which you can turn to when your late and can't waste time digging through your closet. This effortless neutral outfit has proves it Flirt male
Did I mention that the 1st of next month is my birthday? Well, it is *woot woot* Bring on the pretty clothes, cake and presents! Birthday cake
Now December will you please get her faster ?

And dont you worry, even with college starting or whatever; the outfit posts, the trend updates and the celebrity spotting's will continue, both here and on Sunkissed.
Talk soon guys!





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