Hey guys,
The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and my holidays are coming to a close. I am dreading this but hopefully, I'll fall into a routine soon enough.
Its been a pretty great, busy week and I've had a blast. On one of days, I was in a bit of a hurry - That's when I pulled this together! Do you have an outfit which is a no-brainer? One which you turn to in a hurry and still look great ? If you read this post, the shorts I had purchased then have become a wardrobe essential for me now. I've worn them with sandles, wedges, pumps, over-sized tees, well-fitted shirts and blazers *Long list - Phew!* and these shorts pretty much go with everything!
And when you team it up with another wardrobe essential, a plain white tee, this is what you get:

White t-shirt - Westside, Belt - Thrift, Shorts - Old navy, Peep-toe flats - Local Boutique DIY.

I'm pretty sure everyone has a chic go-to outfit, which you can turn to when your late and can't waste time digging through your closet. This effortless neutral outfit has proves it Flirt male
Did I mention that the 1st of next month is my birthday? Well, it is *woot woot* Bring on the pretty clothes, cake and presents! Birthday cake
Now December will you please get her faster ?

And dont you worry, even with college starting or whatever; the outfit posts, the trend updates and the celebrity spotting's will continue, both here and on Sunkissed.
Talk soon guys!



Chandana said…
Simple yet chic! Your flats are cute!
Anjali said…
Love the shoes with the little bows! Such a cute go to outfit. I think my go to outfit is a colored tank top under a neutral sweater with jeans...not the most interesting thing but the most common thing I wear when its cold out.
Chelsea Finn said…
I love how simple but chic this is! Perfect go to. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth
Dayle Pereira said…
@Chandana & Chelsea Elizabeth - Thank you :)
@Mom - :*
@ Anjali - Thank you :) And I love wearing a sweater with jeans - Maybe I should do an outfit post on that soon !
Anonymous said…
luv the neutral luk
Dayle Pereira said…
@allaboutladies & @Bows,Hearts and everything Cute - Thank you :)

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