The last shot.

One night it was so cold I could barely feel my fingers. Just a few days later, it was so hot I switched to race-backs. Ahh the period of transition between winter and spring has arrived. The lovely little slice of the year when you cannot go out with layers but it is still to chilly for the summer clothes.
After breakfast one fine morning, I was faced with this exact situation. So what in the world do you possibly wear when you're stuck in between seasons ?
It was my last shot at winter so I pulled an outfit together and came up with this.

Oversized striped sweater - Adidas original,
Shorts - Espirit,
Sandals & 'Nightmare before Christmas' bag - Thrifted,
Sunglasses - Vero Moda

I have missed shorts so very much ! It felt good to finally feel the sun on me. Posing in the sun would have been impossible if not for these stylish sunglasses. And those sandals look so great in this kind-of weather.
      Spring is coming guys - Aren't you so excited for it ? Well, I am. Slowly, the projects are finishing off as the exam dates approach. Once that is down, 3 whole months of lovely nothing-ness is on my agenda ! 
Well April, you cannot get here soon enough.



Even, I am so uncomfortable w/o my sunglasses...Nice n comfy look :)

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bulvish said…
very nice...i adore such kind of outfits.....which maintains d casual look along wid a bit of chic element..u look very pretty..muaah..:*
Mukta said…
Chic and comfortable. Stylish sunglasses and yes love the bag :D
You always rock the outfit :)
you know what i like about you the most.. is that u r always so you.. I Love You..
shooting star said…
yeah, the season of colors.. excited....!!!!

liking the sweater!!
Nikita said…
Very chic and elegant, perfect to with the weather!!!
Well, my city still faces extreme winters:-(

Looking great! Summer has arrived here... not even spring. Time to bring out the cute skirts and shorts! :D
Ayantika said…
you are looking adorable <3
btw, I have presented you with kreativ blogger award !

hope you will accept :)
Style-Delights said…
Love the stripes here! So preppy!!
Hope yo are having a wonderful day!
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Sunkissed said…
Thank you :)
I love outfits that are so comfy but still so stylish !
Sunkissed said…
Thanks Mukta - That is really sweet of you :)
Sunkissed said…
Awww <3 By far, sweetest comment ever ! Love you too :*
Sunkissed said…
Thank you Sushmita :)
Sunkissed said…
Thank you Jyoti - Keep up the great posts :)
Sunkissed said…
Thank you so much doll ! I'm flattered :)
Sunkissed said…
Thanks Chandana :)
Can't wait to bring them out !
Sunkissed said…
Thanks Nikita :)
Don't worry, few weeks more !
I looove everything you are wearing here!
Annie said…
Your hair looks SO pretty - and I love the green stripes :)

The Other Side of Gray
Sunkissed said…
Thank you doll :D
Sunkissed said…
Thanks Annie - thats really sweet of you :)
ZatZ said…
you're pretty :)
Anonymous said…
Hey..thanx for visiting my blog:) love this look:) u look great:)
Anonymous said…
love your sweater and bag!

XO Sahra
Pragya sharma said…
perfect attire for the passing winters and I loved that bag too!!

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