The very glossy giveaway [Closed]

So I don't mean to sound like Dexter but tonight's the night. Kill room and blood slides aside, tonight's the night I announce the big giveaway contest I've been ranting about for the past week!
Are you ready kids? *I think I just heard an 'aye aye captain' in my head! *
So *drum-roll* here it goes !

It is a known fact all over the blogosphere that GLOSSYBOX is arriving soon in India. To celebrate this glorious event; a collaboration with the wonderful GLOSSYBOX allows me to I present to you an amazing (my first) giveaway - The chance to win a free GLOSSYBOX ! You heard that right - a free GLOSSYBOX which includes 5 luxury samples!

wouldn't you love for this to arrive at your doorstep ?
 For the unaware, let me tell you a little about GLOSSYBOX. After you first register & subscribe to receive your monthly GLOSSYBOX, you fill in your Beauty Profile so that the team can match the products to your specific requirements. You shall then receive your monthly box not only with 5 luxury samples but also with a few tips and tricks about beauty and style. The innovative thing about GLOSSYBOX is that, it allows you to try out products at your own ease and comfort.

So lets get down to the contest now, shall we ?
There are just 3 rules for you to participate in this contest
1) Follow me via Google Friend Connect ( That's the 'Join this site' button on the left hand side )
2) Follow the Sunkissed page via Facebook
3) Follow the GlossyBox India page via Facebook

There ! The rules are done, now let us get down to the good stuff i.e the contest !
        For the picture below, all you need to do is come up with a hilarious/witty/smart/clever caption. Write your desired captions in the comment section and the best one shall be selected by me.

 I've given you an example below to make it more clear.
Eg: "Hey Michele, how about we wear Uggs & freak out the fashion police tomorrow ? "

The last chance to enter the contest is on the 22nd February, 2012 at 5pm. The contest is open to Indian residents only. It's time figure out what the the gorgeous Michele Obama & Carla Bruni are talking about. PS: There are no right & wrong answers dolls so it's time to let that creativity out!
Now hurry up & join in!



StylishByNature said…
Wow!! Done with all the steps already dear :)

Hope you will enter my giveaway too :)

Enter giveaway and win $100
Dayle Pereira said…
Hi :)
You have to do the 3 steps and then take part in the contest (which is captioning the picture!)
Thanks :)
Anonymous said…
Caption - Lets pretend to laugh and have a good time so they think we're friends. On the count of three then.
Unknown said…
Ah! The colgate toothpaste you've been using seems to work well! :P
Anonymous said…
"Yo Michele, lets kill it with just shorts a tube in this cold! Women will just follow us cause we're No.1" (literally 1st ladies :P)
Devanshi Shah said…
"Michele Obama-The Secret to my wonderful SMILE-Colgate-Twice a day..!!"
Carla Bruni-"I surely will try it out."

Anonymous said…
PS. Done the other 3 steps too :* the start of your post:)
Done with the three steps already<3
Mukta Jain said…
Done with 3 steps already :D (A regular follower of your blog)
Stop showing your white teethes over your dark complexion. Everyone is laughing at us.Keep your mouth shut and just laugh. :p
Mukta Jain said…
Not laugh but smile(sowiiieee) :p :p
Anonymous said…
Dale! We were in Xaviers JC B together. I just started reading your blog about a month ago and LOVED it. :) Studying Fashion Design now so it helps me out much.
- Shruti Sharma
M. said…
I was thinking of tonight's gonna be a good night:/

Btw, I am having this as well as an internationally open giveaways on my blog and I would be really happy if you entered

Asos & Anatomicals Giveaway

GlossyBox And Circular Insanity Giveaway
a mom's diet said…
michele to carla: C dear, how do u manage to always look perfect? my attires are often criticized!
carla: nothing much M dear, before i get dressed i often check some fashion blogs n stay updated everyday.
P.S done with all three steps :)
Dayle Pereira said…
I remember :) Thanks Shruti - Thats really sweet of you !
Rose said…
Boo - not eligible. At least we have Birchbox over here!
Arun said…
carla bruni - u know i use blisscovered products to enhance my beauty and to look very fair, u also need to order them...

michelle obama - i already use them on me, just look at my teeths, dnt u think they have become fairer..!!!

carla bruni - omg, she is insane..
Arun said…
following both the pages through the id :
Georgie said…
I've just stopped using Glossybox UK but it is really fun to receive! xx
You know what we can beat the A-list celebrities by becoming President's wife...
Stilettos Diary said…
hey.. done with three steps. the caption :

michelle : Who has the better jacket!.. damn hope e! online won't say she has a better one!!
Pearl said…
Done with the 3 steps!!
Caption - Carla to Michelle : Have you tried bangs lately?? They'll make you look younger(just saying) :P
a mom's diet said…
carla to michele: i guess we have got it right on lavender; i have it on my jacket n you have it on your bow dress. style perfecto!
Kunj Palan from
(done with all 3 steps)
Swati Kungwani said…
Thanx for such a glossy page in ur file!!! :)

GFC- Swati Kungwani
Fb - Swati Kungwani

done all the reqd 3 steps.. hope to win :)
bha said…
following both pages on fb by -onew dubu(misty)
gfc- onew dubu

caption - Michelle to Carla :Did you know that the iconic Valentine's heart shape is not based on a human heart, but rather the shape of the buttocks of a female bending over?
Carla : are a genius
Anonymous said…
Still in Xaviers? Or somewhere else?
bha said…
please see to these changes fb name - onew dubu(bhavna)

gfc name - bhavna pande (bha)
Anonymous said…
"Yo Michele, lets kill it with just shorts and a tube in this cold! Women will just follow us cause we're No.1" ( literally 1st ladies :p) *

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