May 11, 2012

DIY | Glitter bag accents.

I love me a good DIY project. Nothing feels as good as sprawling on the floor wearing a stained apron alongside tubes and bottles of paint and what-not. Since summer vacays are going on currently, the best activity to keep you busy and productive is a DIY project where you can make something at a quarter of the price!

DIY project: Glitter bag accents

So you've got an old bag which you refuse to throw away but want to give a little pick-me-up so you can start using it regularly - this project is just for you.

You will need :

One which you don't have much use for would be best.

You get options in fabric glitter like silver, bronze etc. I chose gold.

Depending on the area you want to paint, choose the size of your brush accordingly.

In case you are unable to buy fabric glitter, don't worry because it is so easy to make some.
This is what you need :

Loose Glitter is available at any stationary shop in insane colours like red and blue too! I bought an unecessarily large packet - a smaller packet will suffice.

Fabric Glue is also widely available at any stationary shop.

Using the disposable cup, mix together equal propotions of Fabric Glue and Loose Glitter. In case you have extra mixture in the end, store it in an air-tight bottle and you can use it for tonnes of other projects.

Now with all you items ready at your disposal, paint the accents of your bag (which ever part of the bag that you want to have glitter) After painting one coat, leave it to dry for a minimum of 6 hours. If you feel your bag needs repeated coats, repeat the procedure.

Depending on the thickness of the glitter glue, you will have to see how many coats it takes to completely cover your bag. The ready-to-use gold glitter glue which I used on my bag is a rather thin mixture and took me 3 coats to cover.  But if you use the hand-made mixture of the loose glitter plus the fabric glue (which is awesome by the way), you will need probably just a coat or 2.

This is the end result of the bag I painted and I absolutely love it! It is a water-proof tote so I've mentally decided to use it especially during the monsoons.

My week has been so great ! I've got an amazing project in the pipeline which I am working on currently so it has been a busy one. Thank God It's Friday, right ? 

Have a great weekend dolls!
Will be back sooner than soon!





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