September 27, 2012

Old Favorites

I don't need to re-tell you how much I love the classic ebony and ivory combination, I've obviously expressed that enough * here, here and here !* The truth is, the more clothes you have, it just seems like it gets tougher to pick out what you want to wear. *Dad would agree with me on this fully!*  I was heading for a birthday on the weekend and there I was staring at an enormous closet sprinkled with sheers, bright trousers and lace. I was thinking about what I would wear, literally for days and finally; that morning, the confusion got to me and I ended up crawling into my old favorites.

Polka dot over-sized shirt, white studded denim shorts - Zara, Black beaded flats - Thrift (Goa), On my lips - Bourjouis 'Fuschia', On my eyes - St. Michael's eye-shadow palette, Maybelline Colossal mascara, Maybelline eyestudio allure eyeliner   

You will have to excuse the hurried pictures and my hurt pinky toe, dolls. I know you cannot see the true colour of this lipstick shade but it is this deep gorgeous shade of fuschia *mental note:show the shade properly in another post* And so, I did end up in my favorite combination that night but hell, it had polka dots on it, I couldn't resist myself. Hope you liked it!

PS: I've got a fun post for next time!





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