Review: Dove Elixir - Hibiscus and Argan Oil for Nourished Shine

A couple of months back, after a particularly good experience with the much-talked about Moroccan Oil, I started hunting it down. On a regular basis, hair products are something I use scarcely. I use an anti-frizz serum probably once a week and a homemade coconut oil thrice a week; so I while I was weighing the extremely heavy price tag of the Moroccan Oil against the usage I would get from it, I decided against it because it was too expensive for something I wouldn't use often.
That's when the Dove Elixir ads started and then again started hunt #2 for another hair oil. Finally, after about  a month, I managed to get my hands on this baby.

Disclaimer:The review below is not carried out in association with any brand/company. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are completely my own.


The hair oil comes in a transparent glass bottle with a silver pump on the top. The brand has carefully created a fix-on transparent which is cut around the nozzle which doesn't allow any product spillage. The 90ml bottle also contains gorgeous dried flower petals which are delicately floating in it. The Elixir oil is a transparent substance with a pleasant floral, peppy fragrance. 




* Pros:
- The container is gorgeous and elegant and the fix-on cap is cleverly created. The whole look of it definitely gives the oil a sophisticated vibe.
- It has a delightful floral, fruity fragrance that lingers on on your hair for a couple of hours after application.
- If used pre-wash as a conditioner, it leaves the hair soft and nourished once it is washed off from the hair. 
- If used post-wash as a serum, it adds a gloss and amazing fragrance to the hair as well as nourishes it whilst making it look pretty.
- It lasts for 4 - 5 hours without needing a reapplication.

- If you apply too much of it, it can make the hair a tad greasy. Apply it minimally and add more if you require. 
- The glass bottle can prove to be a deterrent if you want to carry it whilst travelling.



My advice:

I prefer the oil as a serum rather than a conditioner so I'll be sticking to my natural coconut oil on a regular basis. But I will turn to the Dove Elixir every week or so when my hair needs some lovin'! It's a lovely product in terms of quantity and quality so I'd say, you should definitely give it a try!



4 Leaved Clover said…
Yes, girl, beautiful product, results are there to see.
Anonymous said…
this looks so pretty :) i want to try asap :)
SS said…
Love the review, Quite helpful. Deff buying this :D
xoxo <3
I'm looking forward to try my hands on this product too ..adorable packaging i must say!
Elegance Stylized Blog
a mom's diet said…
i was just about to purchase this tomorrow and wat a co-incidence.. u posted a review today! thanks a ton.will def. give it a try!! i agree with the moroccan oil price. thats d same reason i didnt buy it !
Bunnie said…
Good review! I will need to give this a try, I love trying new things on my hair

Dayle Pereira said…
Thank guys :) I do hope you like it as much as I did :)

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