Life of the party

She is the life of the party. She smiles, she dolls up, she pouts. She receives boxes of chocolates, gets surprise packages at the door and has the occasional secret admirer. She loves everything flouncy, feminine and decked with bows. And the party doesn't have to be at a raging club or on a beach at sunset. It's in the midst of quiet afternoon reading, when she's preening in the mirror with her favorite lipstick on or on an evening dancing by herself.
      The party follows her wherever she goes because well, she is the party.

Peach polka dot dress with cut-out back detail - c/o Treasure Trunk, Jeweled drop earrings - Aldo, Black suede mary-janes - London [previously seen here] Champagne pearl bracelets - London [previously seen here] On my lips - Colorbar 'Amber'

I now introduce to you - Treasure Trunk, the fashion baby of Gayatri and Shraddha, two lovely ladies who are adorers of fashion. When I associate with a brand, I make it a point to first note the brand values it stands for and whether they are values which matches that of Style File. With Treasure Trunk,it was a match made in heaven! They stand for affordable clothing which just about anyone can purchase, wearable designs and patterns which which never be hoarded at the back of your closet and singularity which will makes the piece one of a kind and you; the showstopper. 
The new collection of Treasure Trunk is now available for purchase so shop away!

I adore this breezy pastel dress the girls sent over. The cut-out back detail is extremely trendy this year and it completely satiates my polka dot obsession. When paired with girly accessories, a milkmaid braid *an attempt at it even though my hair wasn't long enough* and classic mary-janes, this outfit shows how ready for spring I am! 
What about you?



Fashion Five said…
gosh you look lovely..
Beautiful dress! It suits you so perfectly. I also love the bit you wrote along with your lovely hair style. Beautiful :)

Shubhi said…
The first paragraph brought a smile to my face, very well written!
As for the dress, I love it! It is simple, has dots,and is peach, everything I like!

Shubhi's Revels!
Rupa said…
This is a beautiful dress that goes perfect with those black shoes...
Unknown said…
Amazing shoot!!!!

Check out my very first post:

Much Love :)
Abhilasha said…
lovely :)
dress looks great on u..
Martin said…
Love the dress!!! You are the party :)
a mom's diet said…
love love love the dress n ur hairstyle!!!!
I loved the idea of the photo shoot. Very minimalistic chic. And that dress is perfect for you, complements you adorable personality.
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Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you Dushala :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Teehee :D Thank you Metti :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Aw, thank you love :)
Unknown said…
Dayle and the girls! We got sale!

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