Snapshots :: February

Hello my pretty's,
It's been a busy month *like every other month* and with the last couple of weeks of college ahead of me, things are more serious. The drama is getting heightened and soon enough it will be time for the nostalgia to set in. But that's a story for another time so for now let's get down to the month that has been - a month full of outfits, DIY projects *which I will be sharing soon!*, pretty baubles and of course, food.
Now, let the pictures do the talking.

My handmade leopard bow *Eeeep!*

Fresh out of the oven -  a batch of my cookies and cupcakes

Summery days with my sunnies and polka dots

Taking a break from the world with my fuzzy slippers and Nancy Drew's horror stories

My favorite motivation: Pretty stationery!

Sunday brunch with freshly made crepes, honey and strawberries

Spontaneous birthday parties are brilliant

My latest extremely bohomian DIY project!

Late night Modern Family session

Hope you liked the compilation of pictures this month, I told you it would be full of prettiness! My favorite one, of course, is my leopard bow, which has already fetched me a number of compliments already. But then again, food's always awesome. Specially when it's a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies.

Have a productive and enjoyable week ahead, doll.



SR said…
Lovely pictures! and I so hooked to Modern Family too :)
Gorgeous pictures and your cup cakes look so yum! Looking forward to your diy posts :)
Unknown said…
lovely pictures..specially the cute bow !!
SJ said…
interesting pics.... and WOW u cook as well?
Dayle Pereira said…
Yes :D More into baking than cooking though :)
Aditi SoSaree said…
Cute Post DAyle.


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