Beauty essentials: What your makeup stash needs.

When I had just begun blogging, the makeup I used was absolutely minimal which was a swipe of lip gloss and kohl at the most. As my outfits grew more elaborate and as my accessories began to increase in order to match the outfits, so did my makeup stash. What started out as nicking my mom's classic red lipstick has led to owning 3 different shades of red. That transition from the kohl rimmed eyes to a silver smokey eyes has been a process of learning about my own skin type, what look suits me and the best products for me.
This post is especially for those who are starting out in makeup and beauty. I'm no expert myself but with whatever knowledge I have, I hope to help you with starting out your very own makeup stash like I did.


  • Find out your skin type. The skin consultants at Clinique stores do a great job in this area *My experience with them is here* and based on this, you can find the best products for your type of skin.
  • Find out your skin tone. The makeup artists at MAC stores are great to determine your skin tone so that you know exactly what shade of products you should in the future.

Next step, the list of beauty essentials: 

  • Foundation & Concealer

You can skimp on a variety of products but never on foundation and concealer. Once you've got your tone and type sorted out, find out whether it is cream, liquid or powder foundation that will suit your skin type best. If you use a liquid or cream based one, use a powder to set it evenly. A few dots of concealer on dark spots and under your eyes can make a world of difference to your face. 

  • Eye liner & Kajal:

Kajal, kohl, eye liner, gel liner, Lakme, eyeconic, Maybelline gel liner

Probably our most used products, Kajal is used to rim the eye which adds a sort of definition to your eyes and furthermore to your face as a whole. Eyeliner, the more tricky cousin of kajal, is for the same purpose of rimming the eye. Liquid eyeliner is tougher to use in the start and requires precision to draw in. That's why gel liner is a better alternative, lasts for hours after you apply in and can be used in a number of ways.

  • Lipstick:

The beauty lover favorite, Lipstick definitely needs no introduction. It adds the perfect pop of colour to compliment or clash with a look. The few shades that ever makeup stash needs are Fuchsia, Classic red, Hot pink, Coral, Neutral pink, Nude which is great when you're starting out to glam up even the most ordinary of outfits.

  • Lip balm & Lip gloss

lip balm, lip gloss, maybelline, baby lips, berry crush

Lip balm cares for your lips in all sorts of ways - by protecting them, nourishing them and repairing them. A lot of balms come with colour and gloss as well which doubles up as not just a skincare product but a makeup product as well. Lip gloss generally comes with fancy things like glitter and shimmer which is great to add a shine to your look.

  • Neutral eyeshadows:

neutral eyeshadow, au natural palette, sleek makeup, neutrals

Neutral eyeshadows are great to begin experimenting with eyeshadow without too much of risk. You can try out a number of styles with just a basic few shades and you do not necessarily need an entire eyeshadow palette like me, even an eyeshadow trio or quad can do the trick for basic eye makeup.

  • Mascara:

Mascara, rimmel, scandaleyes showoff, MAC, zoom lash

As a makeup newbie, I did not realise the value of mascara but thankfully do now. They come is a variety of types mainly for the purposes of volume, length and lash defining and there are even some with colour and glitter as well for a more funky look. A regular black mascara applied patiently and skillfully brightens the eyes, defines them and gives you that fresh-out-of-bed look.

  • Blush:

Blush, Bourjois, blush brush, shimmer, golden, brown

Once your face has got an even tone and shade, a touch of blush does exactly as its name - adds a blush to your face. Choose shades that are not too bright and have minimal shimmer in it. Most importantly while using blush -  use a light hand while applying it so that you can layer if you find it too light. The purpose of a blush isn't to have colour spots on your faces but to add a healthy flush to it.

  • Nail varnish
nail varnish,colorama,MAC,Topshop,NYX,China Glaze

Nail varnish is where you can have your fun with makeup. It is also the area where you don't necessarily need to buy an expensive nail varnish because a good base coat will do the job of protecting your nails and often, the expensive ones aren't much different from the regular ones. Make sure you have a variety of shades - the classic red, the deep hues for winter, the brights for summer and the metallics and glitter ones for a bit of prettiness.


  • Store your makeup well and not in direct sunlight. Keep the bottles, tubes, nozzles, brushes and pumps of your products clean and hygienic because it is something that is used directly on your skin and if not cared for properly, could lead to rashes and such.
  • Pay attention to expiry dates, especially of skin based products and do not use them past the expiry date as they could lead to skin problems. 
  • Remove makeup from your skin gently  with a baby oil or a makeup remover and cotton pads. Do not scrub it off harshly or else that could damage your skin.
  • My personal suggestion is, do not use makeup on a daily basis. Your skin needs times to breathe and heal itself so whenever you can, give your skin a breather and keep it makeup free. 

So that's it for my beauty essentials post. For details on any of the above products, I'd be glad to let you know and I do hope my post helps you in making good makeup choices henceforth.
PS: Any feedback and suggestions are always welcomed, dolls.



SS said…
Reading enjoyed this post :D You should do these kind of posts often :D
xoxo <3
The Fashion Co. said…
Great post! And so extensive. Really enjoyed reading it Dayle :)
Unknown said…
Informative. And I love the Bourjois blush. Few of the good ones out there.
Mukta Jain said…
Fantastic write up !! You covered all the basics really well.
Unknown said…
Such an informative post! Liked every bit of it:)
Gr8 for beginners!
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you everyone :)

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