March 6, 2014

Beauty | Love Long Hair Part 1 : The mystery box

It's been a few years since I've been growing out my hair now. Since I maintained a bob all my childhood, I figured that my youth would be a great to experiment with my hair and finally, get those long, healthy locks that all of Rapunzel's dreams were probably made of.

So when I was sent this little package of a shampoo and conditioner with just 'Love Long Hair' written, of course I was intrigued. The fragrance of the products is a pleasant, fruity smell and the liquid is a shimmery white in colour.
The instructions that came along with it claim that the duo will cleanse the hair and make it strong and manageable as well so starting with my next shower, I'll be checking that out. I've been doing some pondering about what this mysterious product really could be and I'm certain you're wondering too.

I like the idea of the blind test that the shampoo and conditioner are trying out because there can be absolutely no bias for a review when it comes to packaging, brand names etc. I'll be getting my lather on with these two bottles soon so stay tuned for the next part to come!






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