Style File Turns 3 at PizzaExpress

So dolls, as I mentioned before, today I shall be covering my blog, Style File's anniversary party which was hosted by the lovely team at PizzaExpress, the authentic Italian restaurant chain based in the U.K. I am ecstatic that the party was phenomenally successful and certainly set the bar for the ones to come. So on we go to the event!

I got the chance to host the event at their newest outlet at BKC in Mumbai which is designed so comfortably and charmingly with contrasting cutlery and warmly lit interiors. In keeping with the restaurant's theme of black and white, I was delighted to see my guests had worked the dress code to perfection! We started with an address by the restaurant manager and then myself followed by Soham, the Pizzaiolo trainer who gave us overview of the restaurant, their hottest dishes *one of them being the fluffy dough balls* and before the blink of an eye, whipped up a couple of PizzaExpress favorites which came out fresh and crispy from the oven!

Then what followed was pizza heaven! The tables were laden with the PizzaExpress favorites - Dough balls, the Calabrese, the Ramiro Al Forno, the Apollo and the works. The event was attended by the Pizza Express team, my bloggers friends, my family & the 2 gorgeous Style File readers who won the Pizza Express contest. Soham then put on a fantastic dough flaring performance which called for an encore!

Chowing down on some of the best pizza I've ever eaten, *fresh, crispy thin and delectable!* the pizza and appetizers were accompanied by a tonne of laughter and pictures! Finally, we came to the highlight of the night, the pizza making competition where each team decorated a pizza and the best looking one would win!
My amazing Style File readers, Sneha and Reena went ahead and made the most adorable pizza of the night which spelled out 'Dayle' and 'PX'. The rest of us tried our hands at being artful and the most decadent one *which looked sinful as ever!* won the competition! We ended on a sweet note *literally!* with a round of PizzaExpress' Chocolate Fudge cake, Banoffee and Cheesecake.

My complete outfit & details : HERE

A big hug and thanks to the wonderful PizzaExpress team for being such gracious hosts, to all my guests who made the night such a success and to each and every one of you reading this *Yes, you too!* thank for the continued love and support I've gotten at Style File. It makes this journey so fulfilling and makes doing this so worth it.

And here's one last look at all our fantastic pizzas!

View more pictures of the Style File Turns 3 party at PizzaExpress HERE



Unknown said…
Congratulations!! Pizza's look so delicious!!
Megha Sarin said…
Congrats..Seems like you had a blast :) Cheers!

It looks like you had a wonderful blog party! Congratulations on turning 3!! So exciting.

A•Mused Blog
Unknown said…
Congratulations. The party seems rocking. Keep up your work . Its great .
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your journey :)
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you everyone :)

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