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There was this wonderful, dreamy time where I wished I was in boarding school. Fed on a steady diet of  Enid Blyton and warm summer vacations, 12 year old me believed that this was the best thing in the world. My group of friends would be an odd bunch of characters - one being the goofball of the group, another being the smart aleck and yet another would be the mother hen to keep in line so that our antics don't land us in trouble. Pleated skirts would be part of our uniform *the higher the hem, the better - as any school girl would tell you* and we would share secrets around the breakfast table as we run late for first period.
I later learned from others than boarding school wasn't quite as story tale-like as I imagined but a girl can dream, can't she! So, musty readings of Malory Towers and St. Clare's brought me to the conclusion that my imaginary days at boarding school would be filled with midnight feasts *sneaked out of the school pantry!* and mischievous pranks.

While all my trips to St. Clare's stayed firmly in my imagination, this outfit brought me back to it.

Topshop red knit pullover {London} | Topshop black lace tank top {London} | Oasis checked pleated skirt and slim belt {London} | Gifted black suede mary-janes {London} | Zara black leather tote | 
Barry M #289 nail varnish

Photography: Leo Alemao for Style File

I've had this love for pleated skirts *like this one here* right from my school. So much so, I wanted my school uniform to be redesigned taking my consultation and keeping my pleated skirt love in mind. Obviously, the fashion bug seems to have bitten me quite young. Pairing the skirt with a pair of charming mary janes and showing a hint of flirty lace, has got me channeling the school girl vibe to the hint. I'm certain St. Clare would approve of this look.



Aditi SoSaree said…
OMG..even i day dreamed about being in boarding school all the time. It sounded so cool n fun that time.
N this outfit is just that cool n fun.

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Unknown said…
Love the black lace peeking through the sweater!
4 Leaved Clover said…
Nice pictures Dayle, Love the way you have penned your imagination, have walked that way too,Famous Five ? love them still.
This is such a cute look on you and yes St. Clare would totally approve. That skirt is to absolutely adorable.
❤ Amena.
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Unknown said…
I love your skirt and heels Dayle! You look so adorable <3

Love Nilu Yuleena,
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