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 My mind has wandered to the days of yore; of stone walled castles, queens in their palaces and traditionalism galore. While the kings and their castles slowly faded, the values of the ages never did. Centuries later; traditionalism still lingers on, in our lives, in our careers and even in our dressing. It can be deep-rooted and wise but at some point, it can be rigid and orthodox too.
That is why, you and me; we are queens of our very own hearts. We listen to our own whims and fancies. We can choose to eat a burger at 3am if we want. We can be activists, designers, scientists and professional athletes if we feel like it. We can enjoy an evening in with the family and still dance the night away at the party. We can pair that hat with those shoes and even if they aren't the perfect match, we can still own it. Most importantly, we listen to our own hearts and do just as it pleases. 


Global Desi white maxi dress with blue piping | Maybelline Lip Polish 'Glam 2' on my lips [Review here] | Faces Nail Enamel 'Bronze' on my nails 

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File

This flowing maxi with a cut-work bustier and printed blue piping is so light and summer and is the perfect fit for a queen who loves casual chic. Giving traditionalism a shrug, I've paired the resplendent dress with a heavy ethnic jewellery. It may be not a pairing you see too often but there is a certain magic in breaking the rules and loving the result of it. After all, a queen doesn't need a crown or a scepter, all she needs is confidence.



Unknown said…
Stunning u look Dayle ! :))
Unknown said…
Great summer time look!

xxAuna |

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