July 9, 2014

Style Files | Are fashion rules made to be broken ?

One sunny morning when I am about to step out for the day, the daily "what will I wear" conundrum arises. Horizontal stripes? No, they will make my waist look wider. A jumpsuit maybe? I definitely do not have the height to carry it off. What about that skirt with those shoes? Of course not, those colours will clash. Eventually, it seems like I've come to the point where I've stopped choosing my outfits and rules of fashion have started  doing it for me instead!

So if you are vertically challenged, do you really refrain from long hemlines or are these mystical fashion rules just an urban myth? When my interest in the fashion world piqued; the rules of fashion seemed like this mysterious philosophy to be respected and followed, no questions asked. I made sure the right shoes *regardless if they sprained my ankle* were paired with the appropriate dress, matching clutch and belt - no wrong pairings, no mistaken clashes. And that was exactly the problem. Following everything to the tee might be the right thing to do according to the Fashion Gods, but leaves absolutely no room to experiment with your own sense of style. I've heard the term 'slave to fashion' been thrown around before and unfortunately, the more I started to follow the rules, the more the term started to fit me like a skin tight pair of jeans.

Somewhere down the line, this switch went off in my head which made me twist the rules of fashion, just a little bit more every time. I know I would have never tried this pairing or this lipstick if it wasn't for that switch. As in any good institution; even in fashion, there are rules for a good reason. While I may risk sounding like a matronly headmistress saying this; its the truth. And while shunning jumpsuits may be silly, however short you are; these rules are meant to be twisted, turned and distorted. If you think it won't suit you because the rules say so, try it with a blazer, a statement necklace or a pair of stilettos. Throw it over leggings or a flouncy skirt. Do what it takes to look fantastic in it but don't put it back in your closet.

And just as I've said it before - do not ever be confined to another's idea of what suits you best. No one knows you better than you. Whether you've got an athletic build or you are rocking those curves, there is nothing that you cannot flaunt - from crop tops to tropical printed pants. All you have to find is the best suited way to do it. While the rules of fashion aren't meant to be broken, they certainly are meant to be bent.

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