Beauty | Kiehl's Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo Review

When the monsoons arrive, my hair becomes another more unruly, eviler version of itself. This time around; I decided to take a route untraveled and try a shampoo that seemed appropriate for the season to regain back my good hair days of yore.

Did I have a happy ever after?

Packaging: The packaging of the shampoo consists of a sturdy transparent plastic bottle with a flip open cap which holds 250 ml of product. The packaging instructions and branding of the shampoo are in basic purple, black and white tones which are both clear and direct.

Price: Rs. 1390

Product: The product is a clear yellow toned liquid of a gel-like consistency. The fragrance of the product is a pleasant citrus smell which is very refreshing which stays on in your hair. As mentioned in the instructions itself, the shampoo foams lightly hence it doesn't lather too thickly. If you like to really lather your hair good, you will need to add more of the product.

Feel of the product: Minimalist & Beneficial

Availability: The availability for the shampoo is moderate as it is available only at Kiehl's stores.

What I liked:
  • The sturdy packaging. While the large size of the bottle may not make it very travel-friendly, it is strong enough to stay firmly shut.
  • The citrus fragrance is refreshing and it stays 
  • It adds bounce and volume to the hair.
  • It strips away oil from your scalp and clarifies your hair like a charm 
  • It is is free from parabens, if you are particular about ingredients use *just like Sunsilk's Natural Recharge shampoo*
  • Post-wash, you are left with with clean, shiny hair.
What I didn't like:
  • While it does an excellent job of clarifying your hair, it dries up the hair to a great extent. While this affected my greasy scalp too, unfortunately I think drier scalps would be affected a great deal.
  • While you receive a large quantity of 250 ml in the bottle, at र 1390, it is expensive. 

Rating: 7/10

My advice: The shampoo does a good job at clarifying your hair and is a great product in total if you are not someone to be easily affected by dryness and the hefty price. As an alternative, you can always try another one of my clarifying favorites 



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