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Recently, I waxed eloquent on the luxurious things in life which can take many different shapes and forms. It makes the perfect segue for a one of the most desirable possessions that only the term luxury would be fit to define, the Audi. A name that needs no explanation, Audi is a leader in the automobile field of innovation, craftsmanship and sophistication so when it launched its new 2015 autumn collection with a touch of glamour, we were thrilled to be a part of the celebrations.

The launch started on a spell-binding note with Monica Dogra and Shaa'ir + Func taking the stage with a couple of their groovy numbers. Without a doubt, that set the tone for an enjoyable, stylish night.


The most compelling facet of Audi is how it believes in so much more than what meets the eye. Beauty with brains, business with pleasure - its a complex combination that isn't just a car, it is a statement.

A little magic followed when the curtains lifted on 3 collections of Audi's 2015 collection - Sporty, Progressive and Sophisticated. The glamour quotient was upped when Varun Bahl designed 3 lines of clothing exclusively for Audi. The sporty A4 dazzled in chaste white alongside sportswear logos, sheer jackets and tracksuits.

The action packed Q3, which is spacious and agile, followed with Varun Bahl's line of progressive line of structured fits, achromatic tones and ruffles. The third and final collection was my favorite, with brocade, sequins and old school Hollywood glamour taking the ramp. All eyes were on the sophisticated A6, which is the epitome of luxury.


And just when you thought that was the end came the showstopper of the evening. The showstopper that was the powerful, stylish R8 took over the ramp and was unveiled by Actress Katrina Kaif, complementing the car in grey.

An enjoyable evening filled to the brim with luxury and style - chic collections, delightful company and sophisticated sedans; what more could you ask for!


*Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored story with honest, genuine thoughts.


Mukta Jain said…
You look cute in tube dresses !
Event seems to be quite grand and I wish I could just drive that car away.
Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you Mukta, me too :D

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