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Luxury is a unique word, reserved only for an occasion deemed worthy. It is only the velvetiest of robes, the most sparkling champagne, the largest of hotel suites, the sleekest of sedans and the most glittering diamonds that are associated with it. It is rare, precious and used to describe only the most indulgent of experiences. So does that mean time as well, is a luxury?
  They say you only miss a good thing when its gone and that is when it struck me; time is, in fact, the most precious luxury of them all. Being at a stage when moments seem to be slipping by, I keep savoring every second that passes by and have even started relishing the otherwise mundane. So a simple bicycle ride seemed run-of-the-mill while on vacation, now seems like a little bit of time that had every possible luxury I love - fresh air and sunshine, a beaten part and a pop of colour.

The greatest of luxuries may not always be full of grandeur and extravagance but I believe that they will always be precious and treasured.

Neon crop top - Street stall {Colaba} | Polka dot high waist shorts - Forever 21 [Previously seen here] | Thong sandals - Street stall {Bandra} | Floppy hat - Forever 21 | Revlon 'Fuchsia Fever' on my nails | L'Oreal Moist Matte 'Orange Power' on my lips [Review here

As the monsoons slowly turn to cooler climes, I decided to give it one last short with my *obviously* favorite trend of the year, the crop top. Pair them in neon with a clash of prints and you get a look that is bright, bold and perfect for the mobility of a short bicycle ride. Of course, I remembered to throw on this floptastic hat and a smack of orange lipstick
Who needs diamonds and champagne when I've got a bicycle and a floppy hat!



Karishma said…
Yay for the bicycle and floppy hat! The first pic is exceptionally adorable.
Mukta Jain said…
That pop of neon color has added spark to the outfit.
Love the lip shade on you.
SS said…
I love what you've written Dayle. Its so true makes me want to think about a lot of things. You are looking beautiful in each and every picture :)

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