Style Files | Trend Report - Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014

Remember the time I spoke about why we need to have fashion week in our lives? Well my post today is dedicated to one of those very reasons. Fashion week provides us with trends which helps us predict what is popular for the forthcoming season which influences just about every fashion conscious girl there is. So as we bid farewell to the summer of 2014, the recent Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014 showcased what is in store for the season to come and it was all kinds of awesome!
My personal take on fashion week, its designers and collections, is to decipher the look, item by item and make my prediction for the season to come; lets take a look:

  • Cut-work detail:

I'm a big fan of detail in terms of cutouts, in my personal style as well so when I spotted it on the ramp, it caught my eye in a jiffy! Cut-work detail is something that I find adds a certain intricacy to an item and bring it up a notch, which was the case on the ramp as well.
The detail of cut-work was seen around the decolletage, the waist and the torso of the clothing.

  • Metallic:

I like to think of metallic finishes as a sort of shape-shifting to ones closet. It can take it up, bring it or just keep it neutral all while keeping a rather fierce feel to the clothing you are in. Whether you play it big with metallic finished clothing or even a little with accessories ; metallics are here to stay this winter.
The silver, bronze and gold metallic finishes on the ramp were played up with textures like brocade and sequins.

  • Sheer panels:

My favorite part of the sheer element in clothing is how it adds a sexy, peek-a-boo vibe to look without revealing too much. So when panels are introduced in clothing with the sheer touch, it can only be good. Mixing the structure of panels and the sexiness of the sheer, we've got a smoking combination for winter!
Whether on the lining, the shoulders or the midriff, sheer panels in clothing are the next hottest thing this season.

  • Body jewellery:

Lets keep our traditional rings and necklaces away for a second. Over the seasons have you noticed how accessories have slowly yet steadily begun spreading over the area of the body with ear cuffs, armlets and now even body chains? Well this season, the trend is about to go all out with bold and edgy jewellery that covers all the nooks and crannies of your bod.
This season, your waist and forearms will thank you for accessorizing them as well.

  • Tulle:

The stuff princesses and ballerinas are made of; the feminine and flouncy fabric of tulle  made its way to the ramp. If I had my way, I'd be wearing it 24 x 7 because it so damn cute but at fashion week, tulle got a makeover beyond just cute to chic and ethereal.
Seen in large skirts and layered looks, you know you want it.

  • Gold detail:

Known to a symbol of luxury, gold adds a richness that nothing can compare to. Whether in your clothing, your accessories or makeup; reverting to gold is a fail safe zone. That is something a few designers agreed with as well as they added the detail of gold piping and print to add a distinction to their collection.
This season, add a touch of luxury to your clothing with gold prints and borders.

And while we've now covered the major trends that will sweep the stores in the months to come; there are a few micro trends that rear their heads as well.

  • Deep Hues: The season of fall and winter will be incomplete if not for a deep hues and jewel tones that are full of depth.
  • Sportswear: From sweatshirts and sneakers, the winter to come needs its sporty touch.
  • Sequins: Both, life and winter will be incomplete without a little touch of sequins.
  • Peasant sleeves: Adding a relaxed flair to a look, peasant sleeves will make you look cool without trying too hard.
  • Pleats: They've adorned your school girl uniforms and they aren't going out of fashion anytime soon. Pleats will soon be all over your western and traditional wear, looking magnificent as ever.

Photography: Leo Alemao / Style File



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