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Every day of our lives, we come across a wide variety of characters - from our local chaiwalla whose cutting we cannot go a day without or the rickshawallah who makes it a point to grumble about rising fuel prices. So when I recently chanced upon the new online brand on the block, Idiot Theory; I was delighted to find their brand concept was a celebration of these everyday loons we meet!  Founded by the Mother-Son duo, Arrnavb Mitra and Meenakshy Mitra, the Idiot Theory believes that it isn't necessity but instead Idiocy that is the mother of all invention! Newton might have looked pretty darn silly sitting under that tree but then again, whose the one who discovered that life-changing concept called gravity? 

Idiot Theory has recently debuted their new collection at the Lil Flea Market in Mumbai and that is just the beginning. From intricate doodles all over blazers, tshirts and mugs to bright pops of colour on Ipad covers and diaries, you can expect to see quirky portraits and whimsy sketches *which may or may not resemble your friendly neighborhood neta!* 

Being a tech geek myself, their debut collection Caught in a web resounds greatly with me. Created with Indian hand-loom fabrics, simple cuts and well fitted styles; the highlight of the collection is that it inculcates web and social media graphics into the actual print of the clothing! So even when you are offline, you are still online. My personal favorite pick of the lot is the perfectly fitted blazer which can bedazzle any boardroom or cocktail party in sight! And even though you will find yourself riveted to the collection, don't forget to give their Chaiwala collection a looksy which includes tiny chai glass prints *Adorable much?*

Make sure you to Idiot Theory and shop their cool new collection to your hearts content!

*Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored story with honest, genuine thoughts.



S.Shrestha said…
very cool collection, loving the details on the t-shirt. x
Aditi SoSaree said…
WOW..this looks like a cool brand..need to chk them out. thnx for sharing.

Dayle Pereira said…
Thank you everyone :)

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