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'Tis definitely the season to be jolly with festivities in the blogosphere galore! And one of those very delightful celebrations was the Aanam's wonderful blog, What When Wear turning 3 with Shazés very first event!

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Shaze, a face in the home decor world, recently launched a brand new range of jewellery. The very concept that Shazé is based on; is actually the wonderful aspect that sets it apart. We love to doll up for a birthday lunch or a round of cocktails but beyond that, our regular dressing tends to be rather hum-drum. With their spiffy new campaign, UnOccasion; Shazé wants to change that.

The weekend started with a plesant preview of the various collections of Shazé ornaments and accessories while sipping a refreshing iced tea. Their range of decor can add the living in any living room with cutlery, home accessories and even pieces especially for your the tiny tot. They've created jewellery in a variety of patterns and finishes which is designed in Italy, so if you're a minimalist girl like me, you're in luck! And for the statement lover too they've got a number of pieces galore!

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Scarf/Sunglasses/Jewellery - Shaze

Beyond just eyeing the pretty pieces, we had a tonne of fun styling a look with them as well. Helping each other getting their style quotient straight, preening for the cameras and a tête-à-tête on everything under the sun were just some of the things under the itinerary. Their sunglasses and scarves are sight to behold so all your accessory needs are taken care of, under one roof.

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Next time you're dressing up, take a second and think about making every day an occasion worth dolling up for, and then slip on that pair of earrings.

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Unknown said…
I do love their collection !! Can't wait to visit their store :)

New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!
Aditi SoSaree said…
Oh my gosh..such lovely pieces of jewellery..n ur dress i super cute.

Dayle Pereira said…
That sounds great Chaicy :D

Thanks Aditi :D

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